Pause live TV

  BeeWee 14:39 04 Jul 2008

Well if you pause live TV for say 3 minutes, how do you catch up to the live TV broadcast once again? Are you are always going to be watching 3 mins behind the actual programme for the rest of the night?

  ravingdave 15:00 04 Jul 2008

fast-forward would work. If you are watching on a commercial channel you can then FF through the adverts.

  BeeWee 15:08 04 Jul 2008

But what if you aren't on a commercial channel, will you always be behind the live prog?
Oh I suppose you could catch up in between progs...yes..that's it! Thanks ravingdave!

  ravingdave 15:38 04 Jul 2008

I guess the intention is not always to catch up to live. You would typically pause TV if you are called away from watching your programme (eg answering phone, answering door, stopping food from burning in the kitchen etc!). When you come back you then carry on watching from where you left off, so yes you would stay a fixed time between live, but you'd get to see the entire programme without missing the bit where you left the TV. If there are adverts or gaps (or boring bits) you can fast forward, but you can also exit paused TV at any time and go back to live, but you'd then miss the bit between pausing and reverting to live.

  Pine Man 16:28 04 Jul 2008

I have the facility with my DVD recorder to 'Pause Live TV'. It is very useful, particularly on commercial TV BUT very badly named!

All you are doing is recording the program and then starting to watch it before the recording has finished.

  BeeWee 18:53 04 Jul 2008

Thank you raving dave and Pine Man. You have explained it perfectly.

  roy 20:01 04 Jul 2008

This works for me. (if I am on the ball) If I know that I want to watch a programme which will now start before I see the end of the recorded (ie paused) programme then I will press 'end play' and if the recording prog has actually also finished, I stop recording as well. Now, the clever bit, pause the new programme and resume watching the first one. This is for different channels. If you are still watching the same channel then it doesn't matter.
NB. This applies to a DVD recorder but with sky-plus you have two tuners so it would be easier.

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