Panasonic TX-P42S30B - connecting to internet

  matthewowl 19:42 15 Jan 2012

I recently bought the Panasonic TX-42S30B TV and its working fine apart from one thing.... I have wireless internet at home. I have tried to connect the TV to my network by simply inserting a USB adaptor into one of the USB ports on the TV. I then go through the set-up menu and switch the network set-up to wireless but all I get is a message saying "No network adaptor found" - I have tried my own adaptor and then borrowed one from a friend but got the same message with both. The socket is definitely "live" because one of the adaptors has a light that comes on. I think I am missing something obvious - any ideas? Many thanks

  BRYNIT 23:07 15 Jan 2012

Are you using the correct USB adaptor. From the Panasonic site you will need a Panasonic DY-WL10E-K wireless lan adaptor.

  dms_05 15:25 16 Jan 2012

Quote from another forum:

" Panasonic DY-WL10E-K wireless lan adaptors cost about £80. Broadbandbuyer have the Netgear WNDA3100 for a little over £33 delivered. The model is WNDA3100-100GES, it is v2, the serial number begins with 2D4, and the box comes with a sticker saying "Connects to VIERA TVs by Panasonic Co. Check for supported models at". It works very well with my TX-L42D25B, but I had to plug it in the side USB port."

It appears one of the USB ports on the Panasonic is USB2 whilst the other is USB1.

  matthewowl 20:20 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for the responses. Told you I was misssing something obvious! The info about the netgear adaptor is useful but I think i might buy something like this: Any opinions?

  dms_05 11:06 17 Jan 2012

The use of HomePlug/Powerline adapters is quite common. I use them! They have about the same speed as WiFi but give a more reliable connection. Also they are definitely plug'n'play, just plug them directly into a wall socket (NOT a flying lead) near your router and then another near your TV. Connect the first to the router and the other to the TV and all should be working. You don't need massively fast adapters for this application (I use 85 Mbps and can stream Sky Anytime+ and iPlayer plus browse at the same time without any obvious drop in speed on my 20 Mbps Sky Broadband connection).

You can also attach a Network Switch at the TV end and so provide a larger number of LAN outlets if that is useful in your home.

  matthewowl 21:30 18 Jan 2012

Thanks again. I'll get myself some Homeplug/Powerline kit.

I have another question related to the TV. This time its how to connect my dvd player, Thomson digital TV recorder and VCR (last one in Britain).

The TV has 3 HDMI ports, 3 usbs, 1 scart, a pair of "audio in", a pair of "audio out" and 3 "component" sockets. This might tell you more:-

The dvd player only has a scart socket, a pair of audio out (red & white) and two pairs marked video out/component.

The TV recorder has a couple of scarts and a pair of audio out sockets (red & white).

The VCR just has a scart.

I think i either need to buy a scart splitter or utilise the "audio out" sockets but I'm not sure which option would work best or what sort of cables i'd need to buy.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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