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Panasonic TV Picture Problem

  paul654 14:29 21 Jun 2007

I have a Panasonic 'Quintrix' (crt) 32" TV (approx 8 years old). Recently the picture has started to have either a pink or a green 'hue'and no matter how much I adjust the picture settings I cant get rid of it. Most of the time its pink but every so often everything is green....??!!
Before I send for an engineer can anyone give me any pointers? I know its an old TV but we're planning to get it working properly before we replace it because we were hoping to give it to our elderly nieghbour who's TV is 21 years old Thanks

  paul654 02:17 23 Jun 2007

calm down folks....i've no intention of doing the work myself, just trying to work out if it will cost an arm and a leg....if so i'll just scrap it.

  SURVEY 10:04 23 Jun 2007

I have had the same problem with a Toshiba flat screen. I traced the fault to a poor connection to the mains supply lead. Make sure all plugs are tightly home.

  Stuartli 16:25 24 Jun 2007

You appear to have completely misunderstood STREETWORK's posting - he did explain what he meant quite clearly afterwards.

  Arnie 00:30 26 Jun 2007

I quite agree.

If the colour change is consistently there all the time, the CRT guns are probably losing their emission.
If the problem is patchy colour which changes on "peak white", (high beam current) it could be the shadow mask behind the screen bending and causing misconvergence.

It may also be the degausing circuitry which is not working correctly.
This can sometimes be caused by not using the switch on the TV and instead switching of from the wall.
Many user manuals frown on this practice.

  Arnie 00:31 26 Jun 2007

"degausing" degaussing.

  BT 09:06 04 Jun 2011

Had a similar problem with my CRT TV. Usually happened at switch on and usually switching on and off a few times would cure it till next time. I was told it was a tube problem. The set was a similar age to yours. Cut my losses and replaced with a new LCD set.

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