panasonic plasma tv

  Garthyy 12:43 28 Jun 2007

I'm looking at the 37 inch plasma but dont know if my sky box and dvd player will work with it. I currently use scart leads to connect them but the panny plasma just says hdmi are these the same or will I need to update my accessories?

  Stuartli 14:51 28 Jun 2007

You should/will be able to use your current Sky box and DVD player as normal using your present leads and/or cables.

HDMI indicates that the set is capable of reproducing high definition transmissions if the necessary HD set top box is connected.

  Garthyy 15:15 28 Jun 2007

oh thats good then thank you very much

  Stuartli 15:38 28 Jun 2007

The great majority of new LCD and plasma TVs have extensive in/out audio/video and even VGA (PC) socket features.

  postie24 17:04 28 Jun 2007

I bought one of these sets 3 months ago,the picture is stunning,especially with a sky HD box.
The Panasonic comes with 3 scart sockets and 2 HDMI imputs.
The picture is also excellent when an upscaled dvd player is used.
I would definately recommend this plasma.

  Stuartli 17:12 28 Jun 2007

Panasonic LCD and plasma sets, as postie24 states, are among the best you can buy.

A plasma also has a wider viewing angle which many people find more satisfactory.

Some useful guidance on both types:

click here

  Stuartli 18:44 28 Jun 2007

A certain consumer magazine's views:

click here

  anchor 14:58 10 Jul 2007


"Which" reviews are only available on-line to subscribers. A 30 day free trial is offered, then you pay!.

A visit to the public library to read the magazine is an alternative

  Stuartli 19:32 10 Jul 2007

You're right - I've been getting the magazine for many years and been visiting the website virtually since it began operations.

Such minor details as free trials tend to slip the mind...:-(

  Stuartli 23:45 15 Jul 2007

Further to above, the July issue of the magazine contains its manufacturers of the year for a wide range of products.

Panasonic tops the TV section and its three new models are rated as having the best picture the magazine's reviewers have ever seen.

I know it to be a fact as a pal has just added the new 50in Panasonic plasma to his present 42in model - high definition transmissions are quite superb.

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