Panasonic LCD and DVD set-up / SKY + copy to DVD

  awest3 11:40 21 Sep 2008

I have a new 32" Panasonic TV and DVD recorder. Alos have new Sky+ HD box.
I'm having problems recording programs off the SKY+ box onto the DVD. I have both Scart cables and HDMI cables between Sky+ and DVD and similar between DVD and TV. Is this correct do I need both?. Instead of copying the recorded program (using the Sky+ copy facility) from Sky+ box to DVD I get whatever is being shown live via the Sky+ box...I'm a bit puzzled by the Sky+ box and DVD instruction manuals as they do not seem to say much about having both scart and HDMI connections. ANy assistance dladly received as ever.


  BRYNIT 13:02 21 Sep 2008

I would check the instruction book for the DVD recorder. If you have only one HDMI connection for your DVD recorder this is usually to connect to your TV instead of the scart lead to TV. If you have connected the scart and HMDI lead to your Sky+ box this could be causing a problem.

  Miké 20:09 22 Sep 2008

Sky to TV = HDMI


DVD to SKY = Scart only {AV2 to SKY vcr scart)

Also have you set the DVD upscaling to 1080p?

  awest3 22:42 22 Sep 2008

Thanks..I'll check these in the morning..and get back


  awest3 17:13 23 Sep 2008

I must be missing a trick somewhere. The setup is now as you suggest. I had an extra Scart from DVD to TV but have removed it. I have upscaling set to 1080p. It is still not letting me record (pre-recorded on the Sky+ HD box) from the Sky+ HD box to the DVD. The instructions 41 of the manual..

1) setup the DVD correctly
2) goto planner
3) highlight the recorded program
4) press select
5) press record on your DVD player then press play on your HD remote (bit of an issue here as it appears that 'select' is required not 'play'. If you do try to press play nothing happens..but by pressing Select it shows the next screen, a list of what you are copying and their length in mins.

What I get recorded is whatever station the dvd recorder is has its own built in freeview.

I'm somewhat perplexed but can only imagine its something I'm doing or not doing...


  awest3 17:15 23 Sep 2008


3) should read...

Highlight the recorded program and press the red key (copy)

  Miké 19:15 23 Sep 2008

"What I get recorded is whatever station the dvd recorder is has its own built in freeview."

Hi, it appears that you are missing one important thing.....

You need to select A2 (AV2) on the DVD, do this by using the 'input' button, you should see A2 appear in the front display.

Hope this helps.

  awest3 19:27 23 Sep 2008

I'll give it a try...ta


  awest3 19:55 24 Sep 2008

hmm...must be getting closer....I found the button on the dvd remote which sets the input...set it to AV2...I'm getting sound but no picture..? I was expecting to see the Sky channel I was I say got sound but no picture...

Ideas please.... I'm still doing something wrong....couldn't be that my scart cable isn't fully wired could it..?


  BRYNIT 20:25 24 Sep 2008

Sounds like a bad connection from the scart connection. Remove and reseat the scart lead at both ends.

  awest3 20:35 24 Sep 2008

thanks I'll give it a try...I've got another scart cable so I'll try that as well..

Its not easy to do as the TV sits on top of a built in unit, which house the DVD and Sky it takes a while to dismantle and rebuild...still with all the practice I've got it down to about an hour...will report back thanks


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