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Panasonic HX-DC1 - Charging Issue

  RobCharles1981 00:24 17 Jan 2013


I'm wondering if any has the same camera as me and offer a suggestion on my issue...

The Camera is not charging Properly when I plug the USB Cable into the camera it should charge but sometimes Jiggling the cable might get a sign of life but nothing.

I know it's not a battery issue because it tells me "Low Battery" when you switch on the camera then powers off.

So I'm under the impression could it be a charger fault here has anyone had this problem?

Hope You Can help.

Cheers Rob

  Bris 19:14 17 Jan 2013

Hi Rob.

I am not familiar with this model but have had a look at the manual online.

Firstly I am assuming that the red charging light is not flashing, and are you saying that by jiggling the cable that you sometimes get a response?

There are a number of possibilities for a lack of charge:

  1. the mains adapter is faulty - needs to be checked with a multimeter.

  2. the lead is faulty - try another lead.

  3. the charging circuit is faulty - needs to be checked by a Panasonic dealer.

  4. the battery is faulty - try another battery. Although you say that the battery is ok as it comes up with "low battery" when switched on its possible that the battery is life expired or faulty and is no longer capable of taking a charge. rechargeable batteries have a charge/recharge life of around 300 cycles.

Beyond this unfortunately I cant offer anymore help.

Hope you get it sorted.

  RobCharles1981 20:03 17 Jan 2013

Hi Bris.

I'm Leaning towards either..

  1. The Mains Adapter

  2. Tried another USB Lead (Still the same)

  3. That may be another thought as well.

  4. I used the camera the other day which I know was working all fine so I know it's not the battery.

In any case I've sent it to Panasonic for enspection and I will update this thread in due course.

  Bris 09:40 18 Jan 2013

Hi Rob.

You can eliminate the mains adapter by plugging the lead into a USB socket on your PC as this will provide sufficient current to charge the battery.

I think you are right to get Panasonic to check it out as my guess would be the charging circuitry in the camcorder as I have had a number of devices over the years where the charging circuit has failed, in fact my current set of Panasonic headphones have suffered that fate which isnt a problem as I can charge the batteries externally. I wonder if Panasonic or a third party provide an external charger for your battery in which case its probably worth getting one as the charging circuits built into equipment arent that robust due to the fact that the size is dictated by the amount of space available on the circuit board.

  RobCharles1981 21:06 18 Jan 2013

Hi Bris

I'm sure I can get then additional Charger on Amazon will see how the repair goes it arrived athe repair center this morning.

  RobCharles1981 15:36 21 Jan 2013


Requires replacement battery frame assembly
(includes tripod mount) and usb socket assembly

  Bris 13:12 24 Jan 2013

Hi Rob.

Glad they identified the problem.

Hope its still under warranty.

  RobCharles1981 11:53 08 Feb 2013

It should be but they have charged me...

And now waiting for the parts from Panasonic....

  Bris 10:19 10 Feb 2013

Hi Rob.

Its after sales service that really sorts the men out from the boys but unfortunately its often the big companies, that should be top notch, that fall short in this department.

Thats why when asked to rate a particular company/supplier I dont bother unless I require after sales service as the vast majority of companies are very good at sales and delivery.

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