Panasonic Hoem Cinema - which cable goes where?

  Anti_Virus 21:33 02 Dec 2008

Hi. I've just had our lounge redecorated, and as such, had to dismantle our Panasonic SA-HT870 Home Cinema System. Now the time has come to put it all back, I have come to a slight problem. Each speaker has one copper and one silver wire coming out of it. You are meant to plug these into the sub-woofer. However, I am unsure if which slot to plug each colour into. There is a black slot and red slot for each speaker.

Should have written down which went ehere when I dismantled it, but didn't. And can I find ther manual anywhere? No. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  ambra4 04:14 11 Dec 2008

You can download the PANASONIC SCHT870 User Manual from this site, which I just did

Just sign up as a member and you can download over 1 million user manuals it all FREE

click here

Just click on the PDF file and enter the 4-digit code to start download

To test which speaker wires is Right Front – Left Front etc you need a AA 1.5 volts battery

Using the AA battery hold each of the Silver minus wire to the Minus on the battery and just

touch the Copper plus wire end to the Plus on the battery you will hear a scratching noise from

one of the speakers either the Front or Rear Right or Left or Center speaker


Label each cable with the correct name “Front Left Speaker” etc until all the cables are labeled

You than connect each cable to the correct speaker terminals on the woofer

Copper wire connect to the Plus Red terminal and the Silver to the Minus Black terminal

  FatboySlim71 23:10 13 Dec 2008

If the cable has a white line down the insulation or a raised edge to it, then this normally goes in the red/+/positive connection.

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