Panasonic DVD Recorder - No BST update

  john bunyan 11:57 31 Mar 2008

I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR - EX75EB.
The time is set to "Auto" but did not update on Sat/Sun night for the change to BST. I updated all the settings, tuning etc but on Auto on Sunday it was an hour slow,as was the programme guide so I had to switch the timer control to Manual and add the hour. Even when I did this and went back to auto the old time reappeared. I have kept it on manual now. The operating instructions are vague on this point, but on another machine you can "tell" the recorder which channel to get info from. Can anyone suggest a remedy?

  john bunyan 11:59 31 Mar 2008

Forgot to say this is a Freeview enabled machine.

  Covergirl 12:40 31 Mar 2008


I got the Pana 250GB Freeview DVD HDD recorder and I set Indy to tape Sunday at 7pm. I just happened to be around and noticed it hadn't started (so quickly pressed the Record button and got all but the 1st few seconds).

When it had finished around 9pm I checked the clock in the setup and it had corrected itself.

I'll check when I get home, just to make sure it has.

The only way you can see the clock on these Panasonics is to set something to record, then switch it off, otherwise, without a recording set, the box looks (to all intents and purposes) switched off at the mains !

  john bunyan 19:21 31 Mar 2008

Covergirl. For some reason mine is now working ok on automatic clock setting. Mine shows the time when in standby mode. Maybe someone at the programme provider forgot the date! JB

  Covergirl 08:39 01 Apr 2008

Mine was OK when I got home last night and regional news recorded faultlessly !

Flipping through the channels this morning at 5.15am, some of the EPG info wrong eg Ch21 said Next ! was on, but Date My Mom was actually showing. Helluva loss. Can't they put Countdown on at a regular time ? That would make my day.

  anchor 15:33 01 Apr 2008

I have the exact same model as you. The time had automatically corrected itself to BST on Sunday morning. No problems at all.

Strange that yours did`nt.

  anchor 15:40 01 Apr 2008


On my Panasonic EX75EB you can see the time, even when its switched off; (as long as the power is connected, of course).

I only lose sight of the clock when "playing" a recording.

  john bunyan 19:02 01 Apr 2008

Covergirl. Thanks - glad our machines are now ok - very impressed with your 5.15 am start!
anchor. Wierd isn't it? Maybe something to do with which transmitter is beaming the info. Anyway working now.JB

  wiz-king 19:52 01 Apr 2008

On my DVD recorder (not a Panasonic) in the 1st time setup menus you can select whether you want it to automatically update the time and you have to specify which station you want to use. Unless you are tuned to that station it wont update.

  john bunyan 22:55 01 Apr 2008

wiz - king. Yes I have an analogue Toshiba that you specify a channel too but that did not update either. Cannot find a channel specific time link in the Panasonic initial set up.Maybe it was the local transmitter?

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