panasonic DMR-EX85 HDMI problems

  jadziadax 14:13 17 Oct 2007


I got this dvd recorder, HDMI connected to ONKYO receiver HDMI in, HDMI out to Samsung LCD TV HDMI1.

It was ok for a few months, but one night while I was watching a VCD and suddenly it jumped to Ext1 (scart) and HDMI1 on LCD TV saying "No Signal".

I switched HDMI cables, I re-connected the DVD to TV directly but no joy.

It would be helpful if anyone can give me anymore suggestion what I should do.

I am running out of ideas to fix this and falling into such depression. (this is not good for my health at all)



  VideoSentry 15:24 31 Oct 2007

I personally do not have a clue but try here click here
They solved a DVD problem of mine within 15 mins of posting!!!

  anchor 13:55 01 Nov 2007

I have no idea either; although I have a similar Panasonic model with the smaller hard disk. I don`t use the HDMI connection though.

Does it work if you use a scart lead to connect the Panasonic to the TV?.

  jadziadax 21:15 02 Nov 2007

Thanks VideoSentry and Anchor.

Scart connection works fine, it even automatically switch to the ext; unlike HDMI, i have to use remote to switch to HDMI channels.

However, i have to put up with it as the picture quality is much better than scart.

Also, While i was searching the net to find solution to my problem. i saw one of the solution is to switch the HDMI cable ends. To me, it doesn't make sense but i give it a try. And to my surprise, it worked!

i don't think there is any set incoming or outgoing end on the cable. Why? But main thing is that it is back on working condition now. That put the smile back on my face and thank you to give advice.

  anchor 08:19 03 Nov 2007

Strange: Glad all is now working OK.

Suggest you click resolved.

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