Panasonic DMR-EX77EB picture distortion

  User-AB94D45C-F76F-4A63-A6D979A944B7B98B 14:26 01 Dec 2007

In 2006 I bought the above recorder and have notice that on playback of sceens contaning facial close ups there is a lot of picture distortion on parts of the face during changes of expression and slight head movements. Often this can very distracting and disturbs concentration on the plot. The recorder is linked to a Panasonic HDTV model TX-26LXD500 via an HMDI cable. Any suggestions regarding a possible cure welcomed.

  anchor 15:21 02 Dec 2007

Is this something that has just developed, or has something in your home set-up changed?. For example, have you recently changed your TV, or using different cables?.

I have the Panasonic EX75-EB model and its perfect when played through my old Sony 41" back projection TV. No difference if recorded from either the analogue or digital transmissions.

  100andthirty 16:15 02 Dec 2007

I suggest you have it set on Long Play or extra LP or some such settings. This compresses the video stream so much that you see patterns on things. Select Standard Play and it should be fine

  anchor 16:27 02 Dec 2007

I use LP all the time, and the quality is excellent and virtually indistinguishable from the original broadcast.

The slower EP is certainly poor quality, although I have never seen the problem described by mce2.

  100andthirty 17:14 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for clarifying. I have a different brand, so don't know the Panasonic names

Thanks for your feed back. I only use Standard play. I have tried others but to no avail. I had the TV before connecting the recorder. Please note that the problem I discribe is that of actual distortion or slurring of the picture content. There is no pattern effect. It is as if parts of the picture are being morphed (hope that's correctly spelled) so that when an actors face moves very slightly the image doesn't all move across the screen at the same rate.

  anchor 15:18 06 Dec 2007

Of course, a fault may have developed on the recorder. I suggest you first try a couple of things.

Connect the recorder to the TV using a scart, instead of the HMDI cable, and see if its any different.

If you can, try the recorder on another TV; perhaps you could take it to a friend or relative, and play a recording on their set. If you still have the problem, then it would seem the fault would be in the recorder.

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