haricot 09:13 04 Jan 2008

Hito all

Has anyone had any problems with this site.I have recently bought a ringtone frome them and they gave me a URL and a PIN to upload using my Mobile
Phone(not functionable with a computer) and it just will not work.I get messages appearing telling me that I am not using a Mobile Device and then even when I try and get on to their Help Site ( which they also give and achieved via your Mobile) I get "Page not found".
My Mobile Web conection is sound and verifified by Vodafone so I reckon it is bit of a CON. I have been back to them BY E MAIL and they make all kinds of excuses saying it can't be them and they can't see where thay have failed and other nonsense but I still have not got my Ringtone
Has anyone else been similarly affected.


  MCE2K5 16:10 04 Jan 2008

Nice to see you about (Again), How are the CD's Coming along.

Try this link, click here

This works.

  haricot 16:26 04 Jan 2008

Hi David, How nice to hear from you.

The CD's are great . I did about 30 in the end and quite a task it was especially when it came to splitting all the tracks. But I did it thanks to you and one or two of the others.

That link you gave me is the outfit that I am up in arms about. I have always wanted the French National Anthem for a Ringtone (don't ask why, it's a fad thing) anyway they had one that sounded reasonable. Not perfect but passable so I purchased it.
They gave me a pin no and a URL to get to WITH MY MOBILE (it is not contactable by computer).
The insts were:- Type in the URL followed by pin and my mobile no. I did all that about 10 times and all I got was messages saying " I was'nt using a mobile to make contact etc.etc"
They give a support line as well but when I input that it came back "page not found" . I can only construe that it is a CON !
I was asking fellow PC'ers if they have been simarlarly caught !

You've given yourself a wide brief hav'nt you, reading the Mobile Pages as well as Computer Problem ones? Good job though.You are an Ace at this lark.

  MCE2K5 16:40 04 Jan 2008

What is the Make & Model of your Mobile Phone.

  haricot 16:44 04 Jan 2008

Hi David

Tis a new one, had it for Christmas. Nokia 6300.

By the way I double checked with Vodafone to make sure that my Web connection was sound and they said yes .


  MCE2K5 17:02 04 Jan 2008

I have got "La Marseillaise.mp3" Ringtone & "frenchanthem.mid" Ringtone.

Can I Email them to you.

I am still looking for a TryTone Ringtone For you.

  MCE2K5 17:02 04 Jan 2008

Typo TryTone = TruTone.

  MCE2K5 17:04 04 Jan 2008

Back in a bit, Just gone for Dinner.

  haricot 17:09 04 Jan 2008

David crikey! how did you do that ?

Dont think I am being picky but are they poly?

And how do I give you my E Mail add: without going live on these pages. Is that alright to do ?

sorry I don't understand your 2nd reply?

  haricot 17:16 04 Jan 2008

We crossed each other with our messages.
Also I think the penny just dropped re E Mailing!

Can't I give you my E Mail address by clicking on that little envelope or something . I have'nt done it before so am not familiar with the procedure.

Hope you enjoyed your meal. I too am just off for mine . C U in about 15 to 30 mins then.

  MCE2K5 17:24 04 Jan 2008

Yes, Click on my Yellow Envelope.

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