Optical Cable refuses to disconnect

  Curio 20:50 07 Jan 2006

My 12yr old Arcam CD player has 'died', so a replacement has been purchased. Only problem is, the Optical cable fitted will not disconnect from the CD Player end. It is as if it is welded to the input socket. I think I have destroyed the input in my efforts to disconnect it. Soaked it in WD40 but has had no effect. Anybody got any other ideas as to how to loosen the connector so that the cable can be used again? Don't really want to throw away a £50 cable!

  Carbonara 00:28 08 Jan 2006

If it is a normal optical cable you can get one for about a tenner now.

  Curio 11:42 08 Jan 2006

Nice to hear the price has come down, but it doesn't help me disconnect the Cable. :>)

  Curio 19:15 09 Jan 2006

Stiil stuck, but working on it!!!

  flaming 20:18 16 Jan 2006

I'm curious. Why shouldn't it have been heat "welded" in the manufacture. Can you not ask the manufacturer?

  Curio 20:26 16 Jan 2006

It is a straightforward RCA socket on the CD Player. The cable has been attached for the last twelve years without disturbance. Not welded in the true sense, just over stubborn and refuses to separate

  Curio 13:59 20 Jan 2006

A further soaking of WD40 for 24 hours has freed up the connection and cable now released

  flaming 19:47 20 Jan 2006

Well done. Perseverance is an admirable quality.

  [email protected] 23:26 27 Jan 2006

Does the cable still work properly?

  Curio 20:26 28 Jan 2006

Still works OK. It was the sleeve that screews down for a snug fit that was the problem. Pin etc gold-plated.

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