One PC not able to access the other's files

  RISC OS user 11:31 23 Feb 2018

Up until a few weeks ago my wife's PC, which is on the same Network and Work Group as mine, was able to access my printer and other files on my PC via the LAN. Now she can do neither. I on the other hand can access her files and printer as before. I have checked and we are both on the same work group and use the same password. I have attached a link which shows the setting on my wife's PC which are as far as I can see are correct and as they have always been when she could access files etcetera on my PC. What do not understand is that my PC is showing is showing under Media Devices!. I set these PC's up my self originally and now cannot see what has gone wrong, Help please! click here

  RISC OS user 15:14 05 Mar 2018

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