One mobile, two sim cards - possible?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:48 15 Jan 2006

A friend of mine who thinks that I know everything technical asked me the following via email:

"Can I get a mmobile that will allow me to keep my current personal number and also put in my new work sim card?"

At the moment he has two phones / sims but wants only one - but also has to keep both numbers. Work has given him a phone that he can use only for work.

Seems to me that it will best to get a phone which takes two sim cards if that is possible.

So as always, help will be appreciated. Dio

  PaulB2005 12:00 15 Jan 2006

Search the many online Mobile Phone Accessory shops for a dual sim holder like click here It slips under the battery holds two SIMs in one phone and allows you to switch SIM by switching off and on. Only one SIM at a time can be used.

However please note that SIMs are normally locked to a service provider so your friend might have problems putting his work SIM in another phone.

  Chuffchuffbuff 13:08 15 Jan 2006

The phone itself is normally locked to a provider, there are several sites which will give you codes to unlock the phone, a good one I have used on several phones is click here the home page is in Finnish I believe, you have to click on the flag to use the English version.

  007al 00:54 16 Jan 2006

I used a Nokia on T-Mobile a couple of years ago when i was working in Spain,i could swap between T-Mobile and a spanish sim,no problem.The phone was originally on a Vodaphone contract before i got a payg sim.I think most phones are locked to a network though,so,as Chuff says,you can get it unlocked if it is

  Diodorus Siculus 11:39 16 Jan 2006

Looks like we're onto a loser with this one. He will have to get used to two mobiles and stick with it.

Thanks for the info. Dio

  MuDelta 12:08 16 Jan 2006

Slightly of theme, I used to unlock a Nokia which was locked to Virgin. It did it first time and it was easy to do.

Thought you might like to know.


  haj84 14:58 16 Jan 2006

Another possible solution may be to use one phone and sim (for example the work one), but have all calls to the other diverted so they are received on the work phone.

I hope that makes sense!

Your friend may like to check this but i have a feeling there are additional charges involved in setting up the call divert service

  pavvi 08:25 19 Jan 2006

Beware of inlocking phones, they will ivalidate your warranty. The best way of getting a phone unlocked is to get it from the service provider. For example virgin will give you the unlock code once you have topped up £30 or more, and they won't charge you for it. Most phones that originate from stores like Carphone Warehouse, the Link and 4u are unlocked because they get most of their phones from the manufacturer.

back on subject there are dual sim adaptors around as has been said, that attach themselves behind the battery.

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