Olympus Camedia C60 Camera problem

  mick56 23:49 06 Jan 2015

Hello, i mistakenly plugged the charger into 12v instead of the 4.5v that i should have,the camera viewing lense lit up but the camera did'nt work, now when fitted with a fully charged battery nothing work's, i am guessing that i have overloaded it, can it be repaired i wonder,does anyone know what it might cost.Any help help would be appreciated. Thank's. Mick.

  mole1944 05:36 07 Jan 2015

It's an old camera and most probably irreparable so it's time to to bite the bullet and replace it.Even if it could be repaired the cost would far outweigh a replacement.

  BT 09:00 08 Jan 2015

As mole1944 says its an old camera (2004) and for what it would cost to repair, if indeed it was possible, you could get a new camera with a better spec. Time to retire it and treat yourself to a nice new one.

  mole1944 19:46 08 Jan 2015

Thanks BT we are on the same wavelength.I'm in the process of buying a Nikon s9700 to replace an old Samsung stolen (By godson) don't ask, the little sod.

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