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old BT master socket wiring

  [email protected] 18:07 22 May 2016

Hi guys,

Really looking for some help here as I'm tearing my hair out. All the cables in my BT master socket are disconnected and I don't know where to reconnect them. There are six connectors and 6 wires. I've looked online but the colours are always different to the colours I have coming in. The colours I have are yellow, red, white, black, blue and green.

Any help.would be greatly appreciated.

Btw before anybody mentions, I know that BT say you can't alter the master socket etc.


  Gordon Freeman 18:23 22 May 2016

Try this, might set you in the right direction tele wiring colours

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 23 May 2016

Only need 2 wires

white - 2

Blue - 5

black and green are for a second line if connected in the green box at the end of the road.

red and yellow are just used to give extra strength to the cable.

  Bazzaman 18:00 05 Jun 2016

Plenty of info on these two sites:

click here


  Bazzaman 18:01 05 Jun 2016

That didn't work too well did it!!!

Try again

Site 1

Site 2

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