Offline FM Radio help please.

  gazmix 17:40 07 Dec 2018

Hi So I listen to live local football commentaries via the fm radio built into my phone. I've downloaded FM radio apps that for some reason don't support as such via online stream radio telling me that due to contractual issues it can't be listened to unlike offline FM Radio. Are there offline FM Radio apps and how can I get my next phone to have FM radio as there's not many about but hear there's a way.


  wee eddie 12:42 08 Dec 2018

Why worry, you can pick up a small FM radio on eBay for £7

  Flat Earther 17:23 08 Dec 2018

If the phone doesn't include an FM radio chip, it's will never pick up the broadcast signal, no App can install the required hardware. Some phones with the FM chip may have it disabled if intended for sale in certain markets.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is probably also required, as the headphone lead usually acts as the antennae.

There are still many phones with FM radio included, it's a matter of checking the specs.

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