The O2 network is partly down

  john bunyan 10:53 06 Dec 2018

O2 and Giff Gaff have difficulties . Phone seems ok; texts problematic, no data except near WiFi. I believe they are working on it

  Pine Man 10:36 09 Dec 2018

Had a message from o2. They are going to compensate me to the value of two days of my monthly subscription. I haven't yet worked out how many pennies that will be!!

  martd7 12:31 09 Dec 2018

Same here however I've not paid my bill for 6months,i complained and said I would move to Tesco or Giff gaff as they offer more data and are £5 cheaper than O2,they matched the price and data £10 a month and put me £10 credit on for staying with them well that £10 credit has been put on for the last 6month so my monthly bill is ZERO

  john bunyan 13:21 09 Dec 2018

I’m with Giffgaff at £10 a month for unlimited calls txts etc. No offer or contact but there you go

  martd7 14:12 09 Dec 2018


I was paying £13 to O2 for 1gb data and unlimited tx and minutes,after complaining I'm on the same tariff as the Giff Gaff one for £10

  john bunyan 14:47 09 Dec 2018


Good bargain. My reason for Giffgaff was more for the fact it is a rolling monthly contract, so one can walk away if needed without penalty.

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