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The O2 network is partly down

  john bunyan 10:53 06 Dec 2018

O2 and Giff Gaff have difficulties . Phone seems ok; texts problematic, no data except near WiFi. I believe they are working on it

  martd7 11:56 06 Dec 2018

JB Just seen that on News about 02 but I seem unaffected,must only be certain parts of the network

  Forum Editor 17:13 06 Dec 2018

This from O2

"One of our 3rd party suppliers has identified a software issue in their system. Our technical teams are working extremely hard to resolve this. We'd encourage you to use Wi-Fi wherever you can and we are really sorry."

A total of 32 million customers are thought to have been affected with phones simply failing to show any data connection.

  martd7 18:01 06 Dec 2018

My 02 data has turned off now it was ok until about 2pm

  Quickbeam 18:05 06 Dec 2018

Also Japanese customers are affected. It's a very expensive outage for the users with O2 quoting that the small print says that they cannot guaranteed the service, presumably to avoid compensation claims.

I think that this may not wash as it might with a private user for all those that effectively have had to stop trading while it's out.

Said to be a software upgrade problem it's as bad as the TSB software undate that went wrong!

  Forum Editor 18:12 06 Dec 2018

Ericsson makes network equipment that's used by O2, and the problem seems to be with related software.

The outage is huge, and it's affecting customers in other countries as well as the UK. It's also having knock-on effects for other services that use the O2 network, including Transport for London's electronic timetable service at bus stops, which has stopped working.

Many other businesses and public services are affected - there will be lots of compensation claims from them. It all goes to show how we have become highly dependent on these networks.

  Quickbeam 18:32 06 Dec 2018

Don't these giant tech firms trial run software changes before putting them out as a general update?

It's not like they're cash strapped, but the risk of losing custom when it goes hugely wrong is the greater loss.

  Forum Editor 19:01 06 Dec 2018

"Don't these giant tech firms trial run software changes before putting them out as a general update?"

You would hope so,wouldn't you? I don't yet know what this particular problem is related to, so it's difficult to be too critical at this stage.

  bumpkin 20:31 06 Dec 2018

Only just changed my back up phone to O2 yesterday, not a great start:-0

  martd7 11:00 07 Dec 2018

Working today as 02 said it would be

  LHR_8UK 13:00 07 Dec 2018

Sending texts have just come back on Tesco Mobile. Seems the service was coming back slowly to limit failure on the network. Or so said Tesco Mobile helpline at 0905 today

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