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O2 contract to Tesco PAYG

  Taw1 09:51 12 Nov 2015

My daughter gave me her old O2 contract Iphone 4. Because Tesco use the O2 network can I use a Tesco PAYG sim in the iphone 4 without having the phone unlocked?

  spuds 16:11 12 Nov 2015

I doubt if you could do this,in the way you intend. You would need to contact either Tesco or 02 direct for further advice, especially if any contracts are involved, that might involve your daughter.

Unlocking isn't difficult, and can be rather cheap, if you have an outlet or person locally, capable of doing the unlocking.

  Bazzaman 18:43 12 Nov 2015

Can you not try it and see?

  alanrwood 19:01 12 Nov 2015

As O2 and Tesco use the same network it should work. Tesco is just a virtual network running on O2. There is no contract with a PAYG sim. You may have to reset the access settings for internet but the phone should work.

  Taw1 20:04 12 Nov 2015

Yes, I thought I would get a Tesco PAYG SIM loaded with £10 credit and give it a try. I just thought I'd ask before forking out a whole £10. Thanks

  Gordon Freeman 21:07 12 Nov 2015

Why don't you go to Tesco & ask their phone department people?

  Taw1 22:02 13 Nov 2015

I got a new Tesco PAYG sim, plugged it in and it all worked OK. No need for any unlocking. Problem solved!

  spuds 11:13 14 Nov 2015

Good result.

Where you supplied with a new mobile telephone number, or did the previous number transfer?.

  alanrwood 12:09 15 Nov 2015

spuds. The telephone number is on the sim card. If you then wish to use your old number you need to contact the new sim supplier to arrange an import of it to your new sim.

  spuds 13:25 15 Nov 2015


Thanks for that information. That's what I guessed, but having a previous contract, I was wondering how the system would work, or whether it would even be allowed.

I suppose a new phone number, stops incoming calls for the previous user, unless the previous user retained their original number! ;o)

  Slinkywizard 11:35 16 Nov 2015

Unlock the phone. I found this guide that takes you through all the various ways you can do that. click here

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