Condom 23:09 23 Oct 2008

My wife has been a customer of O2 for 7 years and always pays by DD. The upgraded her phone last December to a nice "little pink number", A Samsung, and it still looks like new as she pampers it. However it will not charge as the plug in point isn't working. The local O2 shop offered to charge the battery for her out of the phone in some gismo they have for doing this but this is really no use if you need the phone every day. They told her the best they could do for her was send it for repair which would take at least 2 weeks and didn't offer her a temporary replacement.

They still expect her to continue paying her DD every month despite not having anything to use the service with. To my mind this phone should still be under warranty or whatever it is called these days and O2 should be offering her a better service than this especially as she has been with them for so long.

I told her to tell them to sod off and when she did it more politely than that they just said they would still expect her to pay her DD until Jan 2009 or they would take procedings to recover money due. Believe it or not during this conversation the postman arrived with the O2 advice for the following month which my wife has immediately paid by cheque and told them to do their worst (that is if they could do any worse).

Are we being niaive here and this is typical of service providers today and we are perhaps expecting too much from them.

Do any of you out there who are no doubt much more savvy about these things than we are have any advice to offer.

  birdface 00:18 24 Oct 2008

A fortnight seems fair.It has to be sent away fixed and then returned.Under the years warranty they are doing what they are obliged to do in having it repaired,Whether they should offer you a replacement phone until yours is fixed I do not know.I am sure that I read somewhere that if you had a o2 contract phone you were entitled to free broadband from them.

  Demora 10:03 24 Oct 2008

Ah But they don't send you your phone back. They send a replacement. Which isn't a new phone either. Its one they have repaired.

I had 3 Nokia N95s before I got one that was actually working properly.

For what its worth. I'd buy a new battery and if thats not the cause then a new charger.


  Condom 10:23 24 Oct 2008

The charger is fine as is the battery it is the little slot where you plug the charger into that is faulty

  Condom 16:11 27 Oct 2008

That was quick. Wrote letter to HQ cancelling contract. Next day phone call advising new phone waiting at shop.

Brownie Points earned by O2

  birdface 10:27 28 Oct 2008

Great result.Well done 02.And well done yourself by sticking with your convictions for a better service.

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