Nvidia 3D

  tigertop2 20:29 14 Feb 2010

Has any one got experience of trying the Nvidia 3D software?

I have a 3D ready system with the Samsung SM 2233RZ monitor and a compatible GPU plus the 3D Vision Kit. It ticks all the boxes on the compatability test programme. However I am finding the software a nightmare to get loaded So far Nvidia have not come up with the right answers albeit I know it is working with other users and in theory it should not be a problem to run with the correct drivers. The drivers seem to be my problem right now.

  tigertop2 15:26 16 Feb 2010

Finally got 3D Vision working -and it works wondrously well! However I am disappointed with two aspects. The documentation and CD accompanying my 3D Vision kit was hopeless and out of date by a big margin. One wonders if the paperwork has all been corrupted somewhere in language translations. Secondly I would have hoped for a quicker and more analytical response to my 4 emails to Nvidia over the past 5 days. Only the first of which received a reply. I still have heard nothing re my Samsung query but I now know the Samsung 2233RZ is only set up for DVI input (although you have to reset it at 120Hz to get the 3D working)

I finally found how to set up the 3D software from an obscure Microsoft 'social affairs' forum in the USA . If I had not found this site and realised that others had similar problems with Windows 7 and getting the right order for Nvidia software loading, and in particular the 3D stereo drivers I could still be totally lost. Somebody in Nvidia needs to review the whole 3D set up process as it is not as intuitive as they claim
Having said all that -it works and so far I am very pleased with. I have yet to run MS Flight Sim in 3D but it should make a real difference doing so. Case closed I think

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