LastChip 16:00 27 Nov 2005

My wife wants a DVD, that currently is only available in the USA. Of course, this is produced in a NTSC format. No problem in obtaining one - Amazon can do the honours but......

My DVD player is now multi-region (I hacked it), but never having tried to play a different format, does anyone have knowledge of how it works (or not) as the case may be.

What I am asking, does the DVD player automatically read the NTSC format and then convert it seamlessly to PAL, or do you need a television that is also NTSC capable?

This is an area that is a total mystery to me, and any pointers you can give me would be most welcome.

  Cannuck 17:22 27 Nov 2005

It probably depends on the make of your DVD player.
As you can probably see from my name, I am a Canadian, who lives in the UK in the winter, and I play NTSC tapes and DVD's all the time.

I just put the NTSC DVDs or video tapes into the players, and away they go automatically.

As you've made your DVD multi-region, that's all you should have do to get a picture.

My TV will also switch to NTSC, which I have never done, but it still plays NTSC DVDs and even shows video from my cam-corder when I plug it in.

  LastChip 17:49 27 Nov 2005

Very usefull information.

  DieSse 22:33 27 Nov 2005

There's no real difference click here

  LastChip 19:17 28 Nov 2005

A good read.

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