NTL cable services

  fazer 12:48 24 Jul 2006

May I please ask for your opinions on NTL's cable TV.

Have been persuaded by NTL and free of charge because I am a "valued customer," to have their basic cable TV network. They have already come in and wired up the lounge and placed the black box next to my TV - last Friday.

Came in from work on Friday and had a play - the engineer had used my scart to wire the thing up leaving my VCR unconnected, and when I then sorted that out, I found out I only had 23 channels - far less than what I get on Freeview presently. Usual phone calls to NTL to say that they will download "a package" and that I should leave the unit switched on; was something downloaded? - no more channels anyway. Also I noticed on Saturday morning that the unit is now telling me that the card is not inserted - it is and have re-booted several times. Usual phone calls - yes they will sort it out remotely. Any change Sunday? - no ! And now they are closed for the weekend.

Now I had a similar experience with NTL several years ago and no exageration, got so annoyed with them that I put their black box on the doorstep for them to collect - it was there five days! Have things improved readers or am I being a mug letting them knock holes in my walls?

  oresome 22:06 24 Jul 2006


You're getting first hand experience of their service. Make up your own mind and let us know the outcome.

I'm sure you're no mug.

  BT 08:24 25 Jul 2006

I've had NTL for many years and had no problems. The only hiccup was when I moved from Lomdon to Norwich, when their 'Moving Home' service failed. It seems it only works in the same service area. However once I managed to pursuade them that I really wanted it moved they sent an engineer the next day to install it, and I got 1mb unlimited Broadband for £9.50 with a promise of no cost increase, so they're not all bad.

  fazer 12:59 25 Jul 2006

Thanks guys.

Spoke to them again yesterday evening and they have promised an engineer-visit in the next 48 hours.

The one improvement I have noticed is that they have got quicker at answering the phone - hardly any wait and that was at 5.30pm which I assume must be one of their busiest periods.

  Arnie 14:10 28 Jul 2006

"The one improvement I have noticed is that they have got quicker at answering the phone".

Of course they have, it now costs around 5p/minute to speak to them. It used to be free.

I use their broadband for computing and limited telephone use. (Skype is used for most of my calls).
I don't have anything to do with their TV services, although I am pestered every month with ‘special offers’
I pay my licence fee and that's it.

My wife and I use free view channels as required.
On free to air we sometimes watch superb music shows on French, Polish and German satellite TV. Music is a universal language.

If one wants to view American movies in English that’s another matter.

  unomomento 18:16 29 Jul 2006

from personal experience with NTL i feel you pain. they persist in using overseas personnel as their means of 'customer service' though the personnel can speak english, it takes so long to sort out the smallest of problems increasing call time and charge! no wonder they give the box away free, the price of it is covered buy your endless phoning to them. i trick i got off a engineer was when there is a problem with the box/decoder, switch it off at the mains, wait 25-30secs turn back on and hold down the button with an arrow pointing down until it says 'boot' should be 'channel down' i think or 'volume'. but they have been quit the bain of many peoples lives.

  oseven 20:02 31 Jul 2006

My biggest gripe with NTL (I have been with them for 15 years )is that even when the fault is theirs you still get charged 5p per minute for the phone call unless you ask them to re-imburse you,which they will do if you persist.I recently spent 55mins on an invoice query where they had added a discount.It took all that time to explain that it should have been subtracted.I will stick with them though as when things go well they do offer a fairly good package.

  johnceejohn 21:58 01 Aug 2006

i have been with ntl and its predecessors since
our street was cabled in about 1992,firstly with analogue tv and telephone,then digital tv.
added dialup and now 1meg broadband.i have found
the services to be reliable in the main,any problems that have arisen have been solved by
customer services or technical assistance.in
general then, not too many complaints.have i been

  Tazfan 09:23 11 Aug 2006

I sing their praises to poeple. I have had them for ages, and cant fault them. I have SKY for TV, but NTL for phone and BB. I have the talk unlimited 24 and 10MB BB. Iv had one or two problems, but they were sorted in minimal time.

Most people I know who use them say the same. Iv met very few people who have had problems with them.

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