Now here is a funny thing

  jack 19:59 04 Sep 2007

Set up to record some programs off TV onto a PVR on Sunday [2 Sept]
Last night went to play one of them back, went to program list to find that Sundays programs all had record date Augst 31.

The program played OK and subsequent setting all had yesterdays date[I set to record Shaun the Sheep for the week- all came up as the should]
Just thought you all would like to know that.

  holme 22:19 04 Sep 2007

Ditto. The auto-clock from the Emley Moor tranmitter was up the spout from Sunday morning until last night and kept resetting the recorder time.

Fortunately I sussed out what was happening (but missed two off-air recordings) and set the clock to Manual.

  BT 08:03 05 Sep 2007

There's some fabulous stuff including Hi Res background pictures on the Official Shaun Website
click here
I use one for my desktop.

  jack 11:49 05 Sep 2007

Thank you H.
Must have been a universal thing as I am in the South East and presumably our clock is from another source.
The strange thing is[to me- but I am easily confused]
Althouth the program list indicated a date 2 days earlier the programs so set up on Sunday recorded OK- So the recorder must have an internal independant clock - just as our computers do.

  holme 20:14 05 Sep 2007

" ... the recorder must have an internal independant clock"

If your recorder clock is set to Manual, that would give the symptoms you report.

As I said, I missed two progs because of the hiccup (timer on Auto), then successfully recorded a third, on Monday night 3 Sep (timer on Manual) - but the programe list for it says 31 Aug... ;-)

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