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Is now good for 5G phones or

  iceman 23:05 28 Apr 2020

I've read help on other sites but haven't contacted them like I am you on here. Some say 5G is great but some also say that its not worthwhile paying for one of the early 5G mobiles besause 5G won't be fully up for some time yet and I can't remember the full thing without roaming on the net again but what I do remember is 'mm' before something or just after it,I hope you understand what this is to do with and at the same time you can help me with replying whether I should wait to buy or is now suitable to buy.At the moment 5G isn't on three,the carrier I use,at the moment it just shows as being in the city centre,that is Coventry,UK,the latter just to be clear in case of thinking USA.Thank you for your time and understanding.If I could manage with reading I'd carry on but with light-sensitive eyes I have to pass on what I'm unable to finish that is because of my eyes not coping well when it comes to reading a lot.Truly I hope you will help because living in 'housing with care' I don't have anyone to turn to and that won't chage even when this lockdown is over because I do't have anyone.

  wee eddie 12:45 29 Apr 2020

If you are "Living in Care" you will, I suppose, be stuck in a single place/residence.

5G will be of no use to you until it is available in your area. Unless you are in a City Centre, that will not be for several years yet

  iceman 20:50 01 May 2020

Hi wee eddie Late with the reply to what you said so sorry for that and at the same time thank you for your help. Stories on different sites say that there will be some changes when 5G is 100% up and running and they say that the 5G now won't be as good as the version to follow in a year or so. Being by myself my mobile is more of my outside world than my laptop,its easier to keep at hand than my laptop which is heavy work with having arthritic hands,amongst many other places around my body. I find it amusing that so many bad things are going around about 5G causing so many health problems and a lot more stranger things,it seems that some have nothing to do other than scaremongering those who don't no how the net works on both mobiles with 4G/5G and the net on computers work. Its time for some to come forward and educate those who don't understand 100%,oh I no the helping won't be face to face but there are ways to help through this type of place all over the net and it needs to happen when some think its good to have people believe that 5G causes the virus problem,they need a stop putting them of track and details pointing them in the right direction so that they can get the truth.Apologies to all for the length of my notes but all that I knew has gone because of the mix of medication I have to take for my health and disabilities,they are wiping all I knew about being able to shorten words but still make sense so now I'll leave you alone and do some searching of 5G mobiles so that I have a rough idea about what I want when the time comes but for now keep well,all of you regardless of age.

  wee eddie 22:59 01 May 2020

I wouldn't bother if I were you.

As I said earlier, unless you are in the centre of a major Conurbation, the rest of the UK won't get 5G for another 5 years, or so. Before 5G is rolled out, it will need improved masts and lots of new equipment, which is still at the development stage.

At which time, any kit, now on the market, will be antediluvian.

  iceman 00:19 04 May 2020

Thanks wee eddie for a truthful answer and now I can set myself a target of buying a 5G mobile in a few years which gives me time to save for a high end mobile. For 4yrs or so I've always bought my mobile outright and been getting a sim that best suits my needs.

  Gooseman1 08:52 04 May 2020

i heard abt 5g phones na dwill take few years to finish with them !

  iceman 14:08 04 May 2020

Gooseman1 thank you for the response besides you another has said the same as you so I'll not move on to 5G phones for a year or more.

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