Not registered on network error

  Columbo fan 14:35 12 Nov 2016

I have a Samsung A3, it recently updated and since then whenever I try to call or send a text I get the 'Not registered on network' message. I have tried going into settings and searching for a network but either nothing comes up or even if EE (my network) is there and I select it I get the 'registering on network' message and the loading symbol but then it doesn't register. I tried taking the sim out and holding the power and volume button to do a restart but still no luck. I have only had this phone for a few months, I bought it to replace a Sony phone which after an update also stopped working (turns off saying no battery even at 100%) and I really can't afford to buy another new phone especially when the same thing could happen again with another update. Please help!

  rdave13 21:06 12 Nov 2016

Contact EE via a PC or tablet for your complaint, link for EE contact us.

  rdave13 21:08 12 Nov 2016

0800 956 6000 on a BT line might be easier.

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