Not getting 5STAR+1, 5USA+1 and More4+1 on Freevie

  PhantomOfTheDay 19:37 25 May 2019

Alright so I use Freeview. I get 99% of all the channels available. Sometimes, I want to catch up with a movie on 5STAR for example 1 hour later. Then I try to go to channel 56, and I don't get to 5STAR+1 (Ch 56) instead nothing happens. Can I get help?

  Govan1x 19:48 25 May 2019

Have you updated it recently. There were hannel changes about a fortnight ago so maybe run the update.

  PhantomOfTheDay 19:51 25 May 2019

I have updated it many times even BEFORE and AFTER the fortnight and nope, no 5STAR+1, 5USA+1 or More4+1

  PhantomOfTheDay 16:45 10 Jun 2019

I checked my area on Freeview's channel checking thing and it says I SHOULD be able to receive those channels.

  PhantomOfTheDay 16:45 10 Jun 2019

Sorry for the late reply!

  BT 17:34 10 Jun 2019

Another update today. Mostly UKTV channels being moved around. Drama & Yesterday being the main ones.

  PhantomOfTheDay 17:36 10 Jun 2019

Did that and got Home on channel 12, Dave on 19 and Yesterday on 25 as expected but none of the mentioned channels in the topic (5STAR+1,5USA+1 or More 4+1)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:33 11 Jun 2019

Yes mine are missing aswell on 3 TVs and 2 Humax recorders

I can receive both East and West midlands so I'm assuming these channels are no longer broadcasting

  Govan1x 18:05 11 Jun 2019

Just wondering if you have only the one aerial.

I think that you need 2 to get all the channels. That is if you are using an aerial of course.

My old house I had two aerials one pointing to Bedford the other pointing to east anglia. One was for sandy heath. Cant quite remember the other one.

  BT 17:35 12 Jun 2019

Freeview Channel List

Freeview Channel List

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