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Northpoint sensor is not included?

  Simsy 20:55 27 Jun 2017


I need to get a new phone... (SIM free!) My demands are not at all great; I don't use it for entertainment for example...

I've been doing some research and I'm seriously thinking about the Moto G4, which I can get for £139 at John Lewis...

My only concern is that I've read that it doesn't have a "northpoint sensor", which means that "compass applications don't work".

(I know there is a newer model, G5, but apparently that's the same)

Does that mean that I can't use it as a Satnav?

Thanks in advance,



  Simsy 20:56 27 Jun 2017

reposting with email updates ticked!

  lotvic 21:28 27 Jun 2017

My moto g4 seems to work as a satnav. Google maps > start driving > set destination, and it talks me through as marker travels along road on screen.

  Simsy 22:53 27 Jun 2017

Thanks Lotvic.

So what are the consequences of no northpoint sensor? Anyone know?




  alanrwood 09:02 28 Jun 2017

It may work as a sat nav but the OP asks if it will work as a compass. GPS and compass are different functions.

I don't know for sure but from the name "northpoint sensor" I would guess that this is how the compass orientates itself to give the ability to find north. Could be wrong so maybe Lotvik can just check this out.

  Simsy 09:53 28 Jun 2017

The penny's dropped and it's all making sense now... It doesn't need to know which way is north to work as a GPS... it's just that when stationary it doesn't know which way it's facing. I can live with that.

I thought it would need to know which way is North to use GPS, but of course it works out where it's going, when in motion, because it's GPS placement will be constantly changing.

Thanks folks.



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