non smart phone just calls

  awest3 10:39 02 Jan 2017

May seem daft in this day and age but I would like to buy a mobile phone which just makes and receives calls. No access to internet, no camera etc.

Any ideas... can't seem to find much available. Thanks Al

  awest3 10:48 02 Jan 2017

Thanks. I'll have a look

  wee eddie 16:59 02 Jan 2017

Try Tesco

  wee eddie 19:40 03 Jan 2017

That is not the only under £20 phone that Tesco stock, they will also sell you a PAYG Sim Card for a tenner.

Remember, a bit like Gift Tokens, the Credit on PAYG Cards is Time Limited, I have no idea for how long that the Credit lasts

  SURVEY 23:52 21 Jan 2017

Wife is the same, not wanting a smartphone. She bought a Doro. Cheap to buy and battery lasts an age. Good all rounder.

  lotvic 12:00 22 Jan 2017

You can buy a Talkmobile PAYG card at argos for £1 and the calls cost 10p per hour (yes 60 minutes) and the top-up credit is not time limited. click here

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