Non HD signal to HD Ready TV?

  Sic 16:37 21 Jun 2006

I'm looking at getting a new TV when i move house next month.

My question is this, if i get an HD ready LCD TV, but don't bother upgrading my sky to HD, will the picture quality be worse than by getting a non HD ready televison?

I have read lots of reviews saying their HD Ready tv's make normal tv look really bad as it shows the poor signal quality. Is this true / noticable?

I don't see the point in spending an extra £200 to get HD Ready if i dont have an HD signal.

  puma22 16:57 21 Jun 2006

I totally agree, what's the point of spending the extra cash if you don't use it!
I too read the reports about poor sd pics on a hd tv. I went for the sharp p series as it is meant to be specifically made for sd.
Must say that the pics look really good on it, but see avforum for lots of threads on this.

Good luck with the purchase

  Sic 17:13 21 Jun 2006

AV Forum? I have obviously missed that one, cant see it on the left.

  puma22 18:13 21 Jun 2006

I didnt make it clear, it's another, totally differnt forum, just put avforum into google.

  cdb 19:15 08 Jul 2006
  anskyber 22:57 08 Jul 2006

Absolutely not. The picture will be as good as a non HD Ready set if you are using satellite/Freeview/or normal analogue. I have one and I bought HD ready to give some future proofing, during the lifetime of the set there is a chance that HD will become more commonplace and I shall receive it.

I think the point of the reviews is not saying that the normal TV is bad or made less good because of the HD ready facility, it is saying instead that the quality of HD TV with the superior signal makes normal tv look poor, and it does if you compare them side by side.

  Les 23:14 10 Jul 2006

anskyber more. I have just bought a Sony Bravia HD Ready LCD and the pictures are great (I do live in a strong signal area, both for the five main channels and Freeview). The dealer pointed out to me that HD pictures are so much better than 'ordinary' ones and his demo disk proved that point - he was careful in impressing me that the difference was striking - but that doesn't mean that they are terrible - they're not. If your pictures on you existing set are good then the likelyhood (as in my case) is that they will be slightly better on the new set - depends on the set I suppose.

I hope this and anskyber's reply help you come to a decision - it's difficult I know when the outlay is so high.

  The Old Mod 13:12 11 Jul 2006

Hi, my son has recently bought a hd tv, while he was waiting a few days for the new sky box to be fitted, he was watching normal tv with no obvious difference in picture or sound.

  Sic 12:51 12 Jul 2006

Cheers for the rsponses guys. You hit the point i was getting at, i want a new TV but wont be forking out the additional sky payments (box + additional subscription). Though i want to future proof myself without reducing the quality of the here and now.

anskyber, im a little confused by your post as it seems to contradict itself at the start from the finnish. Bottom line is this, if i had two LCD 32" tv's from the same manufacturer, but one was HD ready and the other was not and they were both being fed an identical SD Sky signal, would there be a difference in picture quality between the two? (and if so in which direction)

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