Nokia PC Suite removal.

  jake2 12:32 10 Feb 2008

Can anybody tell me how to remove all of Nokias software (pc suite) from my pc? I need to do a fresh install of the software.
The software update fails as it drops the connection for a second or two whilst "searching for a connected phone" This is just enough time to cause it to begin the search again and again ad infinitum.
I tried installing pc suite and software updater on a pc that has never had any nokia sofware on it and it worked perfectly first time.
I am hoping to clear everything Nokia related off my pc and try a fresh install.
No obvious removal facility in pc suite.
Add remove programs tells me that "there is a newer version of pc suite already installed instalation will not continue"
How can I get rid of ALL of Nokias software completely?

  Totally-braindead 14:31 10 Feb 2008

This works with a lot of programs so it might work with this.

Using Windows Explorer go to where the Nokia suite is installed, probably under program files and delete it manually. Then run CrapCleaner a free download click here and run it. It finds left over files and should identify any bits of the Nokia suite left and delete them.

  jake2 16:00 10 Feb 2008

I tried that and there are a lot of files that are locked or write protected so I cant delete them.

  Acx 18:25 10 Feb 2008

You could try this

click here

But note the info at the bottom

'Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is targeted for use with Nokia PC Suite versions older than 6.83. Nokia PC Suite 6.83 is not supported by Nokia PC Suite Cleaner. Microsoft Windows Vista is also incompatible with the application.'


Important: Make sure to take a backup copy of your important data before using PC Suite Cleaner.

  jake2 08:06 12 Feb 2008

Unfortunately I have version 6.85 installed so pc suite cleaner doesn't work.
Is there really no way to remove this? Its like a virus, no wait a virus CAN be removed.

  Acx 22:46 13 Feb 2008

You could try two things

(following on from Totally-braindead's suggestion/method)

You could try and delete the nokia folders in safe mode.


Try a program like this click here

on the locked files

  jake2 08:25 14 Feb 2008

Thanks acx I'll give that a try.

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