Nokia Nuvi Satnav

  Muergo 05:34 14 Jun 2010

I have an Express 5800 Music edition, but it has Sat Nav built in.

Vodafone charge £5 a month to use the system; has anyone tried the free Nokia navigation, how good is it, does using it contravene my contract and would it be more expensive using up broadband allowance than paying this fiver to vodafone?

I don't want a separate Satnav to carry around as I have one non portable fixed in car.

  QuizMan 11:44 14 Jun 2010

Based only on light use, it works well enough, but not quite as good as a normal satnav, mainly because the screen is a bit small. Also it is not quite as fully-featured as other satnavs; for example, it will recalculate routes and warn when you exceed the speed limit, but has no speed camera database (not that I have found anyway).

It does not use broadband because it has GPS built in and that functions well.

I have no idea what the Vodafone version does that the free one doesn't. Try the free one and see - I can think of no reason why it would void the contract.

  Muergo 13:29 14 Jun 2010

Thank you QuizMan for your guidance, I will try the free Nokia first, Vodafone probably want a years committment.
I don't know if they monitor my GPS usage.

The speed limit warning is in the car satnav, the government have not found a way to fine you for running fast, but I bet they are working on it!

You are referring to the latest free version of Nokia Nuvi in your assessment?

  QuizMan 21:38 15 Jun 2010

Apologies for the delay. I am not sure where the Nuvi is coming from; I thought that was a Garmin product.

As far as I can recall, I got it from here click here

  QuizMan 21:43 15 Jun 2010

BTW, GPS does not count for usage monitoring so you can use it as much as you like. My GPS is on permanently by default anyway. I find it very good at finding my location very quickly and showing the local map. I tend to use it more for walking than motoring. You will find the screen smaller than a normal Satnav, but you will get used to it. I do find the way that the 5800 keeps changing orientation if you move the phone a bit off-putting, but a small price to pay if the satnav is free.

  Muergo 12:54 16 Jun 2010

Thank you Quizman for all your hands on information, extremely useful, I shall now get my 5800 up and running.

As I said with a nuvi in the car, built in, I will only use it for walking around.
By the way, is there a cheap way to update my 10yr old BMW equipment, new discs from dealer cost nearly as much as a new hand held set.

NOTE your auto rotation on the 5800 can be switched off in the settings mode.
Hope this helps.

Size of screen does not really bother me when driving as I turn on the voice, can't keep looking at screen, I don't know if it is legal to have screen on when driving, but my car, being built a while back, still allows TV to be watched while driving, newer ones turn display off over 10mph.

Cannot control the Beemer system unless dealer does it through scanner plug, but if you do have a crash while looking at screen, it will unlock all doors and windows and put flashers on, turn engine off and airbag you while calling emergency on built in phone!!

Full first Aid kit under passenger seat has everything including syringe,needles, plastic tube and connectors for drip and oceans of dressings, much more than a kit from Boots.

Need all of this when old Satnav leads you over a cliff?

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