Nokia N95 Battery life?

  Acx 02:31 23 Nov 2007

Not a big deal, but I would like anyone else's opinion on this (if you have an N95)

Its good when using it for calls/stand-by, but use any of the features, such as maps etc and the battery runs right down.

anyone else find this?

  crosstrainer 06:52 23 Nov 2007

At the N95, but decided on an XDA for just that reason...Even when using sat nav on my phone, battery life is far better than the Nokia.

  @[email protected]!c 08:33 23 Nov 2007

i have an n95 also and found the battery life is a bit can do a couple of things on the phone to help reduce battery drain.. all i did was buy a spare battery and a dual charger so never get caught out :).there is someone who got a better battery on ebay and it had a different moulded back so it would fit..but doing this would void warranty..then there is the new n95 8gig which has a better battery but will fit the old n95 but without the back on and with a clear plastic case.:( there are a few pointers here click here
on helping with battery consumption .. kind regards akanic

  @[email protected]!c 09:01 23 Nov 2007

also found this helpfull for everyday use of the n95 :)
click here
regards akanic

  Acx 20:05 23 Nov 2007

@[email protected]!c
Thanks I'll have a read through that link. Glad Its not just me that finds it poor.

I had the xda mini before the N95 and it's this difference in battery life that surprised me!

  mcut 09:57 26 Nov 2007

they have reputation for poor battery life especially when a using applications

  Acx 04:11 29 Nov 2007

Yes: using the applications runs the battery right down,

At first I thought the battery was faulty, but now I realize I have to charge it most night's to use it.

  JazzzyG 17:01 01 Jun 2009

Hello i need someones help with the nokia n95. I just ondered one off ebay brand new and want to know if i can put these wallpapers on it because they look the same size to me. click here

  :Past Life 18:36 01 Jun 2009

Yes you can, any picture file on the N95 can be set as wallpaper.

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