Nokia N6303 - LG GW300 - Samsung Toco Lite

  VNAM75 15:43 12 Nov 2009

I want to replace my sony w800i, which is still going strong, with one of these 3 (on prepay). At the moment my preference is the Toco Lite but I'm intrigued by the LG GW300 because it looks like a Blackberry! All are within my budget of £100. My priorities are decent music quality including loud speaker phone, compact design (depth,), light/torch and good battery life. Maps (not gps) would be a bonus. Hope someone can tell one of these is the clear favourite to go for!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:40 13 Nov 2009

Have you had a look at the Nokia 5530?

click here

Carphone Warehouse have them on sale for £99, it was originally £129.99

I have one of these phones myself and bought it for exactly the same reasons as you among other things as well.

In my honest opinion, I think the sound quality is the best I've ever heard from a mobile device. It has loud stereo speakers so a loud speakerphone function will not be a problem, it's pretty slim, has a torch application which uses the flash from the camera (yes it has a camera with flash!) and it's battery life is not bad for a smartphone.

The let downs of this phone is that it doesn't have 3G (high speed internet) or GPS. Apart from that, it's a killer phone which is much better than a lot of phones higher up the market.

I'd usually be biased towards Nokia's, but I don't think the Nokia N6303 represents good value compared to the other products in it's price range. The Toco would be my choice out of the 3 as it's very good value for money, but doesn't do enough to make me want it. It has it's own software (rather than running something like Symbian or Android) making it not be able to run the most popular applications. The same is true for the LG, but I've not tried one myself.

Hope that has made your decision more difficult? ;-)

  VNAM75 15:00 14 Nov 2009

Ben, yes you have made my decision more difficult. I was dead set on getting the tocca lite but the 5530 has better specs for only £10 more, plus it has a 4gb sd card which the tocca does not. So thanks!

The only thing I would say is that when comparing the 5530 to its bigger brother, the 5800, it doesn't look as good. The 5800's screen covers much of the entire surface like an iphone, whereas on the 5530 there are holes on the top and bottom for the speaker and mic. I know I'm being extremely picky though I can't complain because the 5800 is over £80 more.

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