Nokia music question

  ellie24 12:17 03 Jul 2009

I have a question about some music file. I've got an N95, that also came with a subscription to Nokia's Come with Music.This is cool cause I got a nice phone and all the music I like.But I was wondering one thing: is there any way I could burn some of that music on a cd or two?Would love make a selection and listen to it on my car as well.Any suggestion on how I could do this?

  dagnammit 12:30 03 Jul 2009

DRM will prevent you from ripping the music to CD.

You are only licensed to play the music on your phone. Either get some speakers to connect to the phone or an FM transmitter for your car stereo.

  ellie24 09:32 06 Jul 2009

Well yeah, I figured that much..But still,I'd prefer also having some cd's with some of my favorite music around in the car, just in case.Not interested in using them anywhere else, just for myself. Isn't there any way at all I could make them work?

  dagnammit 10:28 07 Jul 2009

Not legally and we can't help you do it.

  ellie24 14:58 08 Jul 2009

Really?Why not legally?

  dagnammit 22:57 08 Jul 2009

Because it's illegal to remove DRM and it's illegal to copy music if you're only licensed to play it on one device.

It's not my rules... it's the law and the forum prevents members from assisting others in breaking the law.

  ellie24 13:20 14 Jul 2009

Well yeah, but I had no intention of breaking the law,as I said I needed them for myself anyways.Oh well...that's it

  Marjorie05 13:03 17 Jul 2009

Yeah, by removing the DRM, you mess with the law, but depends on what you're using, cause indeed there are many tools which crack the protection, but also there are some sorts of softs which rerecords the original files and in this way it can remove the protection. It's nothing illegal in this cause it's just like old times when we used to record music from radios on tapes. and then none said anything about this could have been ilegal....

  ellie24 11:56 22 Jul 2009

If you so,it's fine by me anyways. But could you give a couple more details about the legal ways I could solve my little problem with the files?

  Marjorie05 13:54 24 Jul 2009

hi, what I've found interesting is that tunebite thing, it seems that it just rerecords the original files, as I've already told and you can break the law. Also I saw that there are some pretty nice features very interesting

  dagnammit 09:46 25 Jul 2009

Actually you're not allowed to make recordings of songs either. It's still copyright infringement.

Following that logic I should be able to take a video camera into a cinema.

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