Nokia 6300, bent clips, do you own one?

  GRIDD 12:43 17 Sep 2008

Guys I just bought one of these and the battery compartment is quite loose. It looks like one of the clips is bent but the store says they're all like that. Erm, I suspect a sales man has done it as the box wasn't sealed.

Could a 6300 owner confirm if the 2 metal clips on the phone, at the very top where the side lights are, are both bent outwards, or one inwards and one outwards?

I'd appreciate a picture of the back of the phone without the battery cover on.


  The Moog 18:58 17 Sep 2008

I happen to have a brand new, unused Nokia 6300 as a spare phone. There are no issues with loose fitting covers or batteries - quite the opposite in fact, I'd say it was a little too snug round there if anything (but that's what you want I guess!). Anyway, take a look at the photos I've linked to below and compare....

click here

click here

As for them being "all like that"... they aren't and if the box is not sealed, you have every right to claim that you not been sold a new product. Ask for a sealed replacement or (even better if you have been lied to) a refund and take your business to another retailer.

  canarieslover 19:53 17 Sep 2008

I'm looking at my 6300 and I can confirm that The Moog is correct. It is fairly difficult to remove the cover which can be a bit of a pain as to get the cover off the usb connection you need to remove the battery cover first. That's the only complaint I have against this phone.

  GRIDD 18:43 18 Sep 2008

The Moog thank you very much for the pictures, it appears I was right. I returned to the store this morning and they hesitantly replaced it.

canarieslover thank you for your input also.



  version8 11:17 24 Sep 2008

Must admit that my 6300 had a problem with getting the back cover off when i first bought it at CPW. Salesman said it was a bit stiff but did change it over for a new one.
Has to be the best phone i have had so far.
Even better than work ones!!

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