nokia 5228

  jaraba 11:25 12 Nov 2010

I have just got one of these & I'm trying to get the info from my old 6600 onto it.
Backed up on card on 6600 then copied everything to 5228 card on computer but although the backup shows on 5228 card when looked on computer the 5228 doesn't see the backup when I try to restore so that all the contacts etc are on the 5228.
All help gratefully appreciated.

  HXP 23:23 12 Nov 2010

Use Nokia PC suite both your phones compatable with it.

Most Nokia devices come with a cable for connecting the device to the USB port or serial port of a computer. Cable is the most convenient choice for transferring large files.

1. Open the main window of Nokia PC Suite and select Click here to connect a phone.
2. The Get connected wizard opens, and select Next to continue.
3. Select Cable connection and Next to continue.
4. Connect one end of the cable to a cable port on PC and the other end to the device.
5. Some Nokia devices may ask you for the connection mode you want to use. Depending on the available options, select PC Suite, Nokia mode, or the default option.
6. Once your device is successfully connected, select Finish to close the wizard.

click here

You can use Nokia Content copier also to transfer files from one device to another. To be able to transfer files, they must first be backed up.

  jaraba 23:40 12 Nov 2010

Got a cable for 5228 but not the 6600.

  HXP 01:26 13 Nov 2010
  jaraba 09:12 13 Nov 2010

Just bought it even though by the picture it doesnt look like it would fit my phone.

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