no signal on my new smart phone

  TinaStringer 18:29 26 Dec 2014

Hi here goes i was bought the new aldi smart phone for christmas but since setting it up yesterday the only way to get a signal on it is to hold it up in the air which makes it hard to text or call lol or i have to go out side.I am with talktalk mobile and i had trouble with my signal on my old phone which was a huawei y300 every couple of minuts on my old phone i would loose my signal and out and about i could never use my data because it would not connect, but at least i did get a signal in the house all be it one bar which is more than i am getting on this phone. i have contacted talktalk and they are going to look into my signal problem, my question is is their a way to boost my signal or do i give in and return the phone ? i have told talktalk if they dont fix my problem i will cancle my contract when it ends.

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