No lights showing on my Youview box Powerline adap

  ponytail 09:57 04 Jun 2019

When I was with Talktalk I had their standard Youview box I changed provider a year ago but still use the same box.But on Sunday night when I tried to use it for catch up TV it said no internet connection and when I looked at the adaptors there were no lights showing.Have tried pairing them and resetting them without success.The adaptor make and model as follows.Huawei PT200AV.Any advice appreciated.

  wee eddie 14:14 04 Jun 2019

Silly Question. Has someone turned one of the Sockets off

  ponytail 14:35 04 Jun 2019

No all sockets working I can watch live TV on it but nothing which involves internet but I do have a Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k which has everything I need on it.

  wee eddie 15:15 04 Jun 2019

And the one next to the Router is firmly connected to it with its Ethernet cable

  ponytail 09:18 05 Jun 2019

Yes have tried connecting everything from scratch and still no lights.Could it be that a adapter or both adapters have packed up as the box itself works fine as can watch live TV on it just no Apps.

  lotvic 11:37 05 Jun 2019

I've got same (talktalk box but no longer with them)
Turn off the talktalk PVR, disconnect from wall socket, hold in power button on PVR for 30 seconds, plug back into wall socket and switch PVR back on.
It should now automatically renew connection.

  ponytail 13:43 05 Jun 2019

Thanks lotvic I have just done what you suggested and it went through all the processes waking up then loading but when it appeared on the TV it still says not connected to the internet and there are still no lights on the adaptors.Thanks for trying though much appreciated.

  wee eddie 19:13 05 Jun 2019

So, when you tried to re-pair your Adapters, no telltails appeared on either Adapter?

And you are certain that the socket is live?

Does either Adapter have a fuse?

  ponytail 09:08 07 Jun 2019

I have tried the adapters in different sockets but no lights come on but not sure about fuses but check.

  wee eddie 10:24 07 Jun 2019

Then I would guess that they are dead.

You will have to read the manual but, most pieces of equipment, that don't have an On/Off switch, respond in some way when plugged into a live socket

  lotvic 10:46 07 Jun 2019

They have an on/off switch at side according to set up guide on YouTube click here

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