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No Internet Connection error message - iPhone

  Happy37 14:21 30 Jan 2020

Good afternoon all.

I've got a very strange issue with one of my networks where my laptop (Windows 10) and my phone (Samsung Galaxy 10+) connect to it just fine. No issues. Ping works on the laptop and from my Android phone using the Fing app.

The router has been given its own IP address (perhaps this is not necessary as DHCP is disabled on this router anyway) with the main router handing out IP addresses. They are connected to each other with a network cable. DHCP is switched off on this router. The WiFi passwords are the same. Only the network names are different to distinguish between them.


  1. Do I need to give this router its own IP address or not within the same subnet as the other networks? It's a Netgear DGND3700.

  2. Or shall I leave it as its default, or whatever it is?

  3. The default gateway is which is the main router. I've run IPCONFIG on the laptop and all the details are fine. As in IP address - 192.168.1.*, subnet mask - and default gateway -

  4. The other networks are fine with everything working as it should be.

  5. So why can I connect with my devices (laptop and phone) and not the iPhones that people have?

  6. Shall I only enable 2.4Ghz on the DGND3700 router and not the 5Ghz band? Could that be an issue?

  7. I have got another router (Netgear DG834) connected in the kitchen with its own IP address too. Same subnet Same default gateway

  8. I can't see what's wrong? Or what I've configured incorrectly?

Grateful for any pointers to get this resolved please. Thank you everyone.


  Forum Editor 11:20 01 Feb 2020

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