Nikon d200

  podlod 16:23 13 Aug 2008

Hi, I want o buy a Nikon D200 digital camera but I live in France and very rarely return to the UK, so if I purchase over here the manual will be in french and although i read french i would prefer it in my native tongue. Where can I buy in th UK by online at a reasonable price and they will also post?
Could you please tell me also if the Nikon D200 will fit the same lenses as a D70s?
Thanks for any info.

  anskyber 17:04 13 Aug 2008

Sorry and sorry to the site admin. try this click here

  Kemistri 17:08 13 Aug 2008

Ken Rockwell helpfully provides a link to the original Nikon manual in his article about his own version: click here

I can't really answer the second question beyond suggesting the usual obvious retailers (Warehouse Express, etc. etc.) because that would take research for which I don't have the time! In your shoes, I would buy it in France.

To Q3: Yes.

  Kemistri 17:10 13 Aug 2008

Now that's going to make this thread a bit difficult to read on most screens! :(

Remember everyone (and anskyber): equals signs create broken URLs.

  anskyber 17:12 13 Aug 2008

Here is a full review and yes the lens mounts are the same F mount D type. click here

  anskyber 17:13 13 Aug 2008

Yes, hides head in shame.

  hssutton 17:57 13 Aug 2008

The D200 is old technology, well 3 years which is a lifetime in the DSLR world. The D300 is a far superior animal, it's the best sub £1000 camera on the market, and I'm saying that as a Canon man, but whether it's the 200 or 300 your lenses should be fine.

The manual for the 200 can be downloaded from click here

  ventanas 21:55 13 Aug 2008

The D200 may be obsolete now, but I would never think of parting with mine. Yes the D300 is better, but it's also a few hundred pounds more.
Also check the difference in price for accessories. The vertical grip for the 200 is now less than £100. You will pay £250 for the D300 offering. In my view this add on is absolutely necessary, and it is always connected to my D200.
Go for it.

  podlod 14:40 14 Aug 2008

Hi, I want to thank everybody for the info and especially the manual that I can now download, and helpful when I purchase the camera over here. The reason I am buying the D200 is at this very moment in time is because I cannot afford to buy the D300 which I would straight away if I had the chance.
I t is nice to know I can still use my existing lenses from my D70s.
Could someone please tell me why I have a damned great advertisement on games stuck right in the middle of my messages??????really off put-ting or what!!!!!!

  anskyber 14:52 14 Aug 2008

My fault, I tried to post a long URL link and bust the site page format hence my second link using Tiny URL. Sorry.

  hssutton 16:50 14 Aug 2008

Some kind person has now made this thread readable.

I certainly won't change my 5D for the forthcoming replacement, but I would certainly buy the replacement assuming I was in the market for a new camera. Must agree with you regarding the vertical grip.

Not sure if you've used the D300, but it's not a simple camera like the D200 :), I've used both and I can tell you it blows the D200 out of the water along with most other cameras.

It's taken a long time for Nikon to use CMOS instead of CCDs, but for Nikonians it was well worth the wait. However the learning curve for the D300 is almost vertical. I'm rather fortunate as my very technical D300 owner friend does all the hard work so I when I use his camera I pick his brains.

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