Nikon Coolpix S200-grainy pictures

  hawthorn59 14:12 20 Apr 2008


I have a Nikon S200 and am not happy with it! Now it may be me, but the pictures are almost always a bit grainy. After I take a shot it says something like "adjusting blur", Im sorry I cant quite remember exactly. But surely there shouldnt BE blur in ordinary everyday shots?

Also in indoor shots its hard to know at times whether to use the flash or not. Im talking about some daytime shots taken in a church. They were either yellow-ish or quite bright. Neither were a disaster if you only saw one of them, but when you see both you wonder which, if either, is correct!

Another thing I think is that the battery gives no warning but just cuts out.

Maybe Im not using it properly, but at any rate Im considering selling it and therefore my next and final question is what would you recommend for me under the following criteria:

Easy to operate
Biggest screen possible (2.5in min.)
Budget around £150-170
Battery that will give warning!


  john bunyan 17:13 20 Apr 2008

We had a Nikon Coolpix 7900 - it was good but fat, and if you were not careful the mode knob twisted sround too easily. Also it took ages between shots, but pix were very good. I assume you use the fully auto mode? We now have a Panasonic Lumix FX 35. Worth looking at the Lumix range, and buy a spare battery at time of purchase at a big discount.

  ravingdave 19:29 20 Apr 2008

I'd also recommend the Panasonic Lumix range FX33, FX55, FX25. I've currently got a previous model (FX30) and it takes great pictures, is easy to use, and is very small so it's easy to take anywhere.

The best feature of this range of cameras is the wide angle lens. The FX30/33/55 all have are all 28mm at the wide angle setting (most other cameras tend to be 35mm), and the FX25 is 25mm. What this means is that when taking indoor shots, or group pictures, you can get far more picture in the frame without having to move back away from the target.

The FX30 also has a 3 bar battery meter, so I would think the others would have too. Spare batteries are easy to get off of eBAY. You could get 2 batteries and a charger for less than the price of an official Panasonic spare. They may not last as long, but with the way technology moves on you may be more likley to change the camera again before the batteries give up.

  hssutton 20:16 20 Apr 2008

There's a couple of things wrong with the Nikon S200. Well not actually wrong, but both of these could be causing you problems.

(1) it has no viewfinder, so you have to use the LCD for framing, not the best way to take photos as this can create camera shake. (blurry pictures)

(2) Auto ISO in dim places the camera could select an high ISO which is probably causing you grainy pics (noise)

How to improve on (1) use an higher shutter speed, also improve on your shooting technique (how you hold the camera)

How to improve on your grainy pics switch to manual ISO, using 100 ISO. If the light is a little dim use the flash, only increase the ISO when there is no other alternative.

Panosonic make excellent cameras, but I would suggest that you go for a camera with a conventional viewer,as using the LCD + slow shutter speeds is a recipe for camera shake.

I would recomend such as this click here The Canon ixus

  jack 14:48 21 Apr 2008

This trend to screen composition only, is a recipe for poor shots.
Try to get into the habit of peering over the top of the camera at eye level - level elbows tucked in.
If you fancy a change go for one of the cameras with conventional eye level viewfinder or a single lens reflex.

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