Nexus 6p - SIM recognized but "No Service"

  s1monbeste 11:58 20 Jul 2018

On my Nexus 6p, I have a problem with the mobile telephony. When I put in my SIM card, it asks me for the PIN, but afterwards just shows "No Service". Additionally, I randomly receive Cell Broadcasts, which just show a phone number. These numbers differ each time, but they all start with "361". So, after I receive a broadcast, my phone connects to the telephony network and the "No Service" disappears for a short while. I've reset my device, this caused the broadcasts to stop, but I still randomly lose my connenction to the telephone service for a quite long period of time. This issue has started a week ago, while i wasn't doing anything to the phone.

Have you guys an idea, how to fix this?

  Forum Editor 12:23 20 Jul 2018

Many other people have experienced the same problem with the Nexus 6p. Solutions have varied - some reset their devices to the factory state, some updated the firmware, and some put some Cellotape on the SIM so that it was held more firmly against the contacts when the case was closed.

It's one of those problems with all kinds of probable causes - have you taken it to a repair shop?

  s1monbeste 12:27 20 Jul 2018

I already reset it and firmware is up to date. No I didn't take it to a repair shop. There aren't any close to me..

  Forum Editor 13:14 20 Jul 2018

The indications are therefore that there may be a hardware issue. Try the SIM trick - stick a bit of sellotape onto it, so that it is held tighter in the tray when the case closes.

It has worked for some, and anything is worth trying.

  s1monbeste 13:32 20 Jul 2018

Yeah after your first reply I tried to stick a little piece of paper into the SIM slot and for now it actually works. Hopefully this is not just coincidence. Thanks for your help.

  s1monbeste 17:20 22 Jul 2018

Ok short update: Seems like this was just coincidence... It is not working anymore. Any other ideas? Should I replace the SIM card reader of my device?

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