Newbie question re Android & Google Drive

  polymath 14:07 10 Nov 2015

Is it possible to type phone numbers & other contacts directly into Google Drive first, before syncing them into a phone? If so, how? If not, in what form do I create them in my desktop, to be recognised by Google Drive? (There are no numbers in my phone yet, & entering them via computer woould be quicker).
I'm sure it's something 'everybody' knows, but due to signal/finance circs I've only just replaced my 10-year-old dumbphone, and I need to do get the numbers into it today, before travelling.

  Forum Editor 18:14 10 Nov 2015

Which dumb phone are we talking about?

  wee eddie 18:43 10 Nov 2015

It's very likely that you can lift/sync your old phone with the new.

We need to know which Models they are?

  polymath 19:56 10 Nov 2015

Sorry FE (careless posting) - I meant I want to get the numbers into my new smartphone. Omitting the redundant numbers, there's only 30-40 to type in, but it's still quicker via computer. The old phone's a Sagem myC4 (no, neither has anyone else!). I couldn't move the numbers over via SIM, as it doesn't write to it (and they were in the wrong format anyway), so it's a fresh start.

  polymath 20:04 10 Nov 2015

Thanks wee eddie, but crossed posts!

I went to my Google Drive thingy, but couldn't find anything about how to add phone numbers to it (either via computer or directly to Drive). And couldn't find the right keywords for the relevant dearch results.

  Bazzaman 15:00 18 Nov 2015

On your PC:

  • Login to your gmail account (I assume you must have one).

  • At the top left of the screen (where it says Gmail), click on the drop down and select Contacts. You can then enter your contacts details there.

Once completed, on the phone, sync the Contacts. Sync is usually on by default. If not go to Settings, Accounts, Google and manually Sync.

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