New TV - LCD or Plasma

  Border View 19:45 20 Dec 2010

For a couple of years we have had a samsung 32" LCD wide screen TV. Must admit we have been disappointed with this TV. Dark smudges on right and left of screen has lessened our enjoyment.

OH is now looking for a new TV with a larger screen and has asked me to research which is better LCD or plasma.

Would not be using it with a computer and would be looking for up to 45".

Can I please have your suggestions/comments?

Looking forward to your response.

  bremner 21:02 20 Dec 2010

LCD LED click here I have a Samsung and it is very good

  bionicle 21:37 20 Dec 2010

Generally speaking Plasma will deliver slightly better picture quality particularly as it handles the black picture areas better but LCD is also now very good. An important factor to bear in mind is that LCD uses a lot less electricity than Plasma. LCD is also a bit better with coping with daylight conditions. Panasonic and Sony tend to be pretty good.

  dms_05 11:46 21 Dec 2010

If reflections on the screen might be a problem go for LCD. I've looked hard at both types and can't say one is better than the other but Plasma screens seem to suffer reflection problems.

  Border View 16:24 21 Dec 2010

Many thanks bremner, lionicle and dms_05 for your comments.

  Marko797 08:33 22 Dec 2010

agree with bremner - I have a samsung LED and it's superb. No 'Bleed' as far as I can see. It's sharp and clear, and looks great on the wall.

  Border View 11:27 22 Dec 2010

Agree some LCDs dont suffer some do. My sister has exactly the same model Samsung as we do and hasn't a hint of backlight bleed.

I thought that I had done something wrong - like dusting the screen.

  anchor 10:21 23 Dec 2010

I bought a 42" Panasonic plasma, (with built in HD tuner), in May this year.

I must say the picture is excellent, viewing live TV and also recordings made on my PVR and VHS.

  Border View 14:46 23 Dec 2010

Looks a lovely tv anchor

  anchor 15:36 23 Dec 2010

Yes, I can receive ITV1 and BBC1 on Freeview HD, and the quality is outstanding!!.

  AL47 16:44 24 Dec 2010

ive been reccomended the vt20 3d panasonic plasma, as im making the same decision as you,

personally i dont want an LED-edge lit LCD, like the samsung 8000/9000 beta said, id be going for a full LED local dimming set.. only a few around

as of now im leaning towards the VT20 46"

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