New TV 4K OLED 32" wanted

  rodger-2321489 19:10 16 Nov 2017

Anyone know of such a smaller model? That all seem to be larger. Thanks.

  john bunyan 20:37 16 Nov 2017

My non expert view is that OLED is only worth it at sizes over 45 in as the cost does not give enough of an improvement to justify the extra marginal improvements at smaller screen sizes.

  Menzie 00:59 17 Nov 2017

Finding one 32" and below that is 4K will take some doing. They say that the biggest benefit for the higher resolutions are on a bigger screen.

As a result most displays I can think of are computer monitors not actual TV sets.

  rodger-2321489 08:17 17 Nov 2017

So what technology is the best at 32" and below?

  john bunyan 10:21 17 Nov 2017

I would look here:

Best 32" TV

I have LCD's both Samsung and LG , the LG at 42" and a Samsung 24" in kitchen. Both very good, but do buy a "smart" TV if you want catch up feature. In UK I think Samsung has best range of wireless signal, and , for catch up, offers ITV, BBC, and the other main Freeview operators, whereas LG is more restricted. Are you in UK? I think, also , you need to decide from what source is the TV from. Few TV channels offer 4K, and I think that the UK TV public broadcasts have more lines than US.I bought a TV with 3D capability only to find that there were no suitable source of 3D that interests me, so I hope that 4K is available more widely. Do get other opinions, but I honestly think it is only worth getting OLED or QLED for screens bigger than 45"

  Govan1x 11:57 17 Nov 2017

I do have a Samsung TV that I use as a monitor but overall their reviews are pretty poor. Of course only those with problems will complain the most.

Trust Pilot Reviews

  Govan1x 12:02 17 Nov 2017

Oops that one was for most of their appliances. Have a look at this one instead.

Click here

  john bunyan 14:49 17 Nov 2017

My TV repair shop recommend Samsung these days for TV’s . I do not use them for washing machines etc

  rodger-2321489 16:35 17 Nov 2017

Thanks all. Yes I am in the UK and have had Panasonic but found the link to the recorder difficult. Now I understand that one can use the USB for recording.

Does this mean the separate recorder is redundant now (whoopie!)?

What type of USB device to use for recording?

Also thinking of getting a satellite dish as our TV is having problems with signals from our aerial. Are there any things we shouldn't think about matching a Samsung 32" with a dish?

Any recommendation should for a Samsung OLED 32" with dish (Black Friday coming up)?

Thanks again, nearly there!

  Old Deuteronomy 16:58 17 Nov 2017

Two things to consider here. Firstly Samsung are not producing OLED TVs in any size, concentrating instead on their own QLED technology, which is not similar and secondly, no TV manufacturer is currently producing OLED TVs as small as 32".

  john bunyan 13:37 18 Nov 2017

If you need a dish then maybe you need a freesat as opppsed to a freeview tv. I would suggest you go to a good shop such as Currys and get their expert to help. A Samsung Smart 32” I am sure will be fine, forget OLED or QLED at this size. I have 2 DVD / HD freeview recorders but use them less now most channels are on + 1 hour option or on catch up such as BBC I player.

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