New Sony NW-A3000 MP3 Walkman

  Anti_Virus 17:54 08 Dec 2005

Hi, I've got a NW-A3000 for my daughter for Christmas, and I'm already having a slight problem. (NOTE: This thread is to be responded by people who own a NW-A3000). I've taken it out so I can put a few of her favourite songs on there, as well as cahrge it, so when she opens it on Xmas day, it's all ready to go. So I will be puttinf it back in the box, but I can't figue out how to use the HOLD button while its turned off. I've tried pressing hold, then trying to turn it off, that doesn't work, it says i have to release hold. I've tried turning it off then pressing and holding hold while its off, that doesn't work either. Can any one help?

  caren_q 03:56 08 Dec 2006

I don't understand why you want to use the hold function when the player is turned off. The hold function is there so tht when the player is in your pocket or something if u accidentally push a button it wont change track ect

  Anti_Virus 09:57 08 Dec 2006

^ Hi Caren, the hold function is also there so when the player is turned off, you don't accidently press a button which automatically turns it on without you knowing. If it does then you waste a load of battery. I know I use it with my mp3 player when it's turned off. Anyway, for anyone else, I have actually found an answer if you're curious. During playpack of a song, press stop. Then press and hold the "hold" button. When it's on hold, wait for 10 seconds for it to turn off automatically, and voila. To turn it back on, just press and hold the "hold" button.

  mymate 20:18 16 Dec 2006

Here is the hack for making the sound louder

click here

I have a Sony Nw-hd 3 and the volume for the UK market is set as low.I hacked mine and it goes much louder now.

Read the instructions thoroughly,maybe print them out, and sit and do it .
If your not sure how to do it,DONT do it.

  cactusjack 23:20 22 Dec 2006

mymate - what happens if a wrong key is pressed in the process? - does it screw up the player?

  mymate 08:11 23 Dec 2006

No i dont think it does,as i have a Sony Hd-NW3,i have hacked mine,its a similar hack to your player, i did it wrong twice,but pressed a button that got me out of the factory settings. Then i tried again and it worked.
Stupid player puts on the same tracks 3-4 times ! so at the moment i am trying to sort that out.
I have a ipod as well,but i much prefer this Sony one. I took it to India 3 times ,was there in total for 18 months,and it still works,usually electrical stuff break out there,with the sun,damp and bad electricity,but this player never packed up once .

  mymate 09:26 23 Dec 2006

mymate - what happens if a wrong key is pressed in the process? - does it screw up the player?

It gives you a real bad panic attack if you have done it wrong !

Just do a "dummy run" where you are not pressing the keys,but putting your fingers over where they are,just to make sure you know where the keys are.
On mine, i have to press the play/pause button to exit the menu .

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