new phone - use existing sim

  kainos 17:53 19 May 2009

This will sound daft to most of you.

My wife wants a new mobile phone but wants just to slip in her existing sim card, which is on an orange virgin tariff.
Can she buy any phone and do this or does it have it have to be an orange phone or a virgin phone.
If a phone is "unlocked" does this mean it will take any sim?

I have been looking at Tesco website and they all seem to be phones attached to a specific provider.

  Chris the Ancient 18:33 20 May 2009

Do what I did. I found the phone I wanted - but it was on a different provider (Orange and I'm o2). Popped along to the local independent mobile phone shopped and had it unlocked for about a tenner.

Then, being totally you-know-what retentive, I found a shop on the www that could de-brand it, so the original Orange logo and facilities/selections were reset to 'normal'. That too was about a tenner and I had the phone back by return of post.

But... I got a very nice phone at the end of it.

Nearly anything is possible - but it just needs to be what you want and at a price you're willing to pay.


  Chris the Ancient 18:34 20 May 2009

... and then I popped my o2 sim in.

  kainos 16:04 21 May 2009

Thank you Chris the Ancient for what seems like a satisfactory way ahead but does this answer the point about buying an Orange phone to accept the sim card.
Would I go to Tesco and buy an Orange pay as you go phone and expect it to take the existing sim, or would it still have to be unlocked. I suppose I am saying that I don't understand what is meant by resetting to normal.

  birdface 22:00 21 May 2009

Easy way to test it is to put the sim card in and see if it works.Some phones come unlocked which means you can use any sim.I bought my wife a new phone at xmas and it could take any sim card.I got the phone from Carphone Warehouse.I now use it with an Asda sim card in it.

  birdface 22:12 21 May 2009

[an orange virgin tariff.] I have never heard of an orange Virgin tariff.One or the other.You buy the same phone but for orange or virgin whatever the sim card is for you buy that phone then you don't need to worry about getting them opened.

Orange sim card buy an orange phone
Virgin sim card Virgin phone. Whatever make or model they are roughly the same price.
Now if you wanted to put in a Tesco sim card then the phone would need to be opened if it was not already so.
Confusing very.But you started it.

  kainos 10:21 22 May 2009

Oh yes! Orange virgin tariff - this is why we want to be able to transfer the sim. This was a tariff from about ten years ago, long since discontinued for new customers. The rate is excellent.

I was really trying to get the matter resolved before going to Tesco (or wherever) as I can't imagine standing in the middle of the store and persuading an assistant to charge the battery and let me test my sim. But thanks for your input.

  mymate 20:25 22 May 2009

I just bought a LG Viewty mobile and it had a Orange sim in it but it accepts a Tesco sim. No other sims. Car phone Warehouse mobiles are nearly always unlocked to any network . If i buy a mobile thats locked to a network ,at my local market a guy unlocks it for £5 .

  mymate 21:06 22 May 2009

Oh sorry got that wrong the sim with my mobile was o2 so Tesco must " piggy back " on the o2 network cause my Tesco sim worked in it.
Knew it was something beginning with O .

  birdface 09:42 23 May 2009

You can buy an unlocked phone but they are about £30 odd pound dearer than the other phones.just look for the model that you are looking for then search for the unlocked model of the same phone.
Or buy one and take it to your local market or most shops that sell accessories for mobile phones.

Usual cost anything between £10 and £20.If a cheaper type phone you can actually Browse and type Mobile phone unlocker. and see what comes up.
I just unlocked my wifes old phone this way.

  birdface 09:44 23 May 2009

This is the one I used on my wifes old phone.

click here.

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