New Panasonic TV, Amazon Prime and Soundbox.

  Ex plorer 14:31 30 Mar 2016

Hi can anyone explain why the Cambridge Audio TV Sound box won't work with Amazon Prime. The sound box is connected by the Digitl Audio cable from the box to TV.

The volume was very low on the TV speakers with prime until I made an adjustment in the menu sound controls and cranked it all the way up its better but not great.

I have a Humax recorder that I use daily to record TV programs it's connected to HDMI2 on the TV, and the TV auto connects to that port. I have tried all other AV settings to try and get the speaker to work.

  Ex plorer 09:29 01 Apr 2016

Hi still trying to solve speaker problem can any one pick sound up through there speaker bars that are hard wired to TV, the Cambridge speaker has Blutooth and works from iPad playing music etc.

Do I need a wireless speaker external speaker for Amazon prime to improve sound rather than use the TV speakers that really let the films down.

  Al94 12:29 01 Apr 2016

Does your tv have phono audio out? I have an Amazon stick connected to Panasonic tv with audio out from phono to Panasonic sound system and it works perfectly.

  Ex plorer 15:48 01 Apr 2016

Hi A194 yes it does, I could connect between speaker and TV with audio cables and try that first.

I don't have the stick as I only started with Amazon Prime a few days ago to try the 30 day trial.

I will look on Amazon for the cables required.

If I can get it through the speaker it would appear to be worth having from what I have see so far. Thanks for your reply I will report back in a few days.

  Ex plorer 19:41 06 Apr 2016

Hi I bought a cable red white phono and attached from TV direct to sound box without result.

I also tried direct connection from Humax recorder to sound box without result. This was with the Audio Cable still plugged in from sound box to TV on both occasions.

With each connection I tried TV, Blutooth, and auxiliary buttons on the sound box remote control.

What am I missing. With Amazon Prime I can get picture and sound to the TV only. The Sound Box has Digital Audio Cable To TV. The sound box has No HDMI.

I looked in AV settings and menue sound settings for ideas.

  Ex plorer 07:17 07 Apr 2016

Hi sorry yes I haven't given any details.

Panasonic TX 50 CX680B

Humax recorder Freeview HDR 2000 T

Cambridge Audio TV2 Sound box

Maybe the phono wire is duff

  Ex plorer 08:53 07 Apr 2016

Hi as I say lm new to Amazon Prime.

I have now down loaded the app to my iPad.

I can now get the sound from my iPad by blutooth to the Cambridge 2 speaker. Unfortunately I have no picture on the TV only on the Ipad.

So if I choose a film from the app from prime on the TV I get picture and sound only from the TV speakers.

If I choose a film from the iPad from prime I get sound on both iPad and sound box but no picture on the TV.

Tried different AV settings so I reckon I a m missing something but what.

  Ex plorer 16:31 07 Apr 2016

Hi toejams, the Cambridge setting is optical, I have since tried another optical cable read the instruction link you posted altered the SPIDF, it has always been set at auto so tried PCM still no sound the Cambridge 2 shuts down as it would when the TV is turned off as no sound is herd by the unit.

The Cambridge 2 does not here any sound from the film on Prime and switches off.

the Humax recorder has the outdoor airial going in and then out to the TV, a HDMI is connected between the Humax and TV HDMI 2.

I think I will try disconnecting the Humax Recorder run the out side aireal direct to the TV and disconnect HDMI2 and see what happens tomorrow.

  Ex plorer 10:27 10 Apr 2016

Hi tried the above still no picture and sound together.

Do I need to buy a apple box or some other riceving device or mirror some how from the iPad, any info as to which app I should try, the TV is set for mirroring.

  Ex plorer 11:39 12 Apr 2016

Hi tried net flicks, BBC I player, and one other streaming movies app and all worked through the sound box.

It's only Amazon prime films that will not stream sound to the Cambridge sound box.

  Ex plorer 12:43 14 Apr 2016

Hi a fix for the Panasonic TV and Cambridge Audio speaker.

To get Amazon working from the TV Amazon app connect between the head phone sockets from TVto the Cambridge speaker.

You will have to go into menue on the TV remote then sound and change the setting from TV to Headphone. Switch back to TV when you watch the TV.

From what I have gathered it's the Panasonic that's not compatible with the speaker whilst using the TV app from Amazon.

I have ordered a cable to give this a try and been told it will be a success. I will get back to let you know.

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